Hi guys this is one of mu last challenge posts! I am very exited because I am almost done with my task, but I am also very sad because I will miss writing the posts and asking Miss W for help =(
This is the penultimate week of the blogs challenge and I am going to do my best to finish this Challenges!

I made it at Powerpoint and the pictures are from Google
My favorite things are:
  • Converse
  • Music
  • Soccer
  • Creativity and color
  • Hanging out with my friends and family
Once my grandmother asked me what I wanted for my birthday present, and I told her that I wanted clothes and a pair of converse.. she was very astonished and she told me "Now you like converse? Did you know that when I was a small girl like you, I used to wear converse, and when you were around 4 years old, I gave you a pair them, and you told me: Ewww I don't like them and I will never do!". I was very impressed to see how I has changed my mind, because now I LOVE converse!
That day I learnt how every person has different likes and they change frequently, but there are also similarities, and the converse are an example, because they have been worn for a very long time!

I simply love music, It inspires me to try new things and It makes me feel alive, I also think it is a very creative way of communication. I like music that we are able to dance like POP and REGUETON, there are many other like many singers like Selena Gomez, Nicly Minah, Black Eyed Peas, Alexis & Fido, J.Alvarez and many more.

The songs I like the most are:
I love to dance around being silly, and music is technically one of my hobbies, because I listen to it a lot and when I was 8 years old, the only way for me to fell asleep was to turn the music on ( low volume) and go to bed and I fell asleep listening to it.

Which is your favorite music??


I love colorful things, things that catch my attention and make me feel happy!
I like people to be original and let their imagination blow, I think that's the kind of person I am.  I like all the colors but as I said in a previous post, my favorite colors are orange, blue and purple!

I don't like people that copy and take other people's ideas as they were their own.  I like things that catch my eye and that outstand/highlight from the rest!

Miss W.
16/11/2011 11:05:45 am

What a great job you have done telling us about your favourite things. I have no idea what converse are - but I would guess they are shoes of some sort.

anita m
22/11/2011 03:36:42 am

dani i love your blog continue bloggigng

27/11/2011 07:28:39 am

Miss W, you are wright, converse are some shoes, which you can see in the picture of my blog ( They are the purple shoes)


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