Are you connecting?
I love them so much!
1. My family:
My family consists on my 2 grandmothers and grandfathers, my mother and stepfather,my father and stepmother and finally my brother. My mother has a brother called Juan Carlos, he's got two kids, Sofia and Martin, and my father's got a brother called Guillermo, which has a son called Alejandro.  My family is very loving, caring and close to each other. We usually get together in Christmas at my grandmother's sister (Beatriz) home, we usually play secret friend, and we receive many presents from all the family. We also try to get together in special dates like mother's/ father's day, birthdays and more! My family grows as a team every day, we learn how to understand each other and just be happy!

2. Family members leave comments
I asked some of my family members to leave comments in my blog, so you will be able to see lots of my family's comments.

Are your family members commenting in your blog? Why don't you ask them to?
Try to becreative an have faith in yourself
Have you got many comments and visitors in your blog?
Well, if you don't, I've got some tips for you:

It's always important to ask questions, to viewers an idea of what to comment.
Try to visit other blogs and comment.
Post things that many people can be interested about, try to be creative and think about all age viewers.
You could ask friends to put a link to your blog in theirs.
Interact with your viewers, ask them for feedback, or stuff like that!
Make your blog attractive visually, many people don't like to read long things, so put pictures!
Try to continuously write posts, because if not people will get bored of watching the same old posts!
Ask your viewers what they think about your blog, and try to adapt it to their likes, but always remember that the most important thing is for you to like it! 
Ask your family members, friends or even teachers to see your blog and they may like it and enter to it many times!
Remember to have good spelling ( I know I don't have a very good one) so people understand and read your posts!
Be creative and original! (Don't copy things from other sites, that way your blog will be unique)

4. Family member post
Hello everybody, I am Daniela’s father. 
When I was a child, my parent’s tough me outdoors activities, such as:  hunting, fishing among others, some of this implied destruction of wild life. In  those times we weren’t concern about the environment as we are now a day and we  should be.  The earth our parent  left us is very different to the earth that we are going to leave to our  children. All those teaching that I learned as a child can not be the same that I am teaching to my daughter and son. We have to protect nature in all forms: plants, wild animals and water.

The good example not only have to be seen in television, searched in internet, read in magazines, but seen in their homes. It is our responsibility that our children treat the earth in a different way that how we did in the past. It is our responsibility to leave our children in a better world to live in armory with technology and in armory with quality of life.

Let’s show them how to recycle, how to save water, how to take care of wild live, how to live better and how to protects the earth for other generations to

5. My coments
I ussually use the technique of skimming and scaning to read blogs until I find a post I`m interested in, I only like to read posts that have a picture, are creative, maybe colorful and that have something in common with me, if a post has thaose charasteristics I like commet, because ig I don`t find those things in a post, I ussually get bored and don`t know what to comment about .
I have found many "thigs I want to do before I get old" and I have comented in most of them, because I almost always had one or more things in common.

6. Do I connect?
I made a collage showing the different resources I use to connect, most of them ae social networks, and some of them are people I know. I use social networks to talk and connect to people that aren`t next to me, I mostly use blakberry MSN, but when I`m close to the people I prefer to see them and talk to them. (this is kind of obvius) 

Miss W.
9/11/2011 07:30:24 am

Just realised you are doing the challenge separately to your other blog. You have certainly been creative and thought of some great ways to attract visitors to leave comments on your blog.


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