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Let your creativity show
My work of art at color in motion
1. I entered to some websites to create some digital posters and play some art related games,the websites were:
I think it was really cool to find and try some new ways of creating art!

I also entered to some websites and played some music and audio games, the websites were:
I entered to 2 websites that have verity of stuff:
  • My pop studio: It had options for you to do tests, and create things, from magazines and digital to T.V and music.
  • Kids in the mid: It has many categories for you to choose from, and in each one there are some web pages which you can go to.

2. Creativity
Creativity, is life, it is to be happy, and create a new world of ideas, hopes and dreams. Creativity is originality, it doesn't always mean colors, something creative can also been in black and white.
I usually show my creativity in my daily life, by having new ideas, and very colorful drawings and letters. I consider me a very creative person, I use many different colors and designs in everything I do.

3. Creative
I saw Mariana's blog, and I saw some pictures of animals doing weird stuff, and I thought it was really funny, and she was very creative.

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