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1.Color a post
I actually like all the colors a lot, I like colorful and creative things. But as almost everyone does I have favorite colors, blue, purple and orange.

From:Flickr By: Davide Cassanelo
Blue makes me feel calm, and relaxed, it also reminds me of the sea, the sound of the waves, and the animals that live in it. I also identify blue with the sky,the birds and the clouds.

From: Flickr By: esctaticist
Purple reminds me of nature, more specifically the flowers, as shown in the picture. Purple is a very cheerful color, it makes me feel alive and full of energy.

From: Flickr By: Nathih
Orange reminds me of the sunset, because it makes part of  some of the colors we usually see in sunsets. It also reminds me of Autumn, because the leaves of the trees turn orange and yellow.

Which is your favorite color?
What does it remind you of?

2. Create your own image
This is a picture I created, which shows some of my favorite things:

  • Converse
  • A cruise
  • Abercrombie's clothes
  • Dogs
  • Soccer
  • Music
  • Dancing

Try and zoom out your picture
3. Zoom out from a picture
Maybe now you only see a man ridding a bicycle, but lets use our imagination and zoom out the picture.
Where is he?
Where is he going?
What's happening around him?

We can ask lots of questions, but every person has a different idea. So let your imagination fly, and comment your zoom out.

4.Let the pictures do the talking

Title: The fight

Look at the slide show and try to figure out the story
5. Tell the story of the picture
The cristal eye:
Deep down underneath the sea, live beautifull cratures in the blue forest. Aragon the wizard that governs and directs every single habitant, had a sister...  Aragon´s siter was Irene, the most beautiful, peaceful and intelligent creature. She was the most desired, and loved from her familly. Aragon in the other hand, was quite jelous and disobidient, he hated his sister, well what can I say, she got all the love he never did. You may be questioning what does the eye has to be with this story. Well the eye doesn´t happen to be any eye, it is Irine´s eye, and anyone who has it, has the power over every single creature in the blue forest. This cristal eye, is so powerful due to the moment in which Aragon converted Irene into an ice sculpture, the power of the two sibblings, was transfered to this eye.

6. Create an animated photo show

Create your own video slideshow at

7. Write a sentence using images -no writing


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