1. After school activities
My after school activities are to play soccer, in my school's team, we are very dedicated, we practice every Monday, Friday and some of us on Saturdays, for 1 hour and a half. when I arrive to my house, I usually do my homework first, but then I like to turn the music on and Dance, to do some exercise and of course to have fun.

2.If you could learn anything...
I would love to learn singing, because I love music, and it will be great to be able to make my own. I love to listen to talented people sing, and I would like to have a great voice just like them, but I'm horrible at it.
I would also like to learn how to ply soccer very welll. And at last but not the least I would like to learn to act better and speak French.

3. Beginning a story.....
I'm going to write the beginning of a story I invented and then you guys can write the end of the story however you like it in comments.
Someone once dremt about a world, a world were everyone had powers, and there were no fights. There was the power of the four elements, water, fire, air and sand, also the invisibility, and teletransportation, and every other power you can think of. Once the evil Gocatarch wizard stole everyone's powers. Mr.Catogar, the head master of Chaperdam's school for wizards, went to the prohibited black forest were Gocatarch lived. There were black unicorns, vampires,werewolfs and all types of beasts that you can imagine. He heard a sound, and another one, and another one, every time louder and louder, they seemed like steps... when he herd the steps very close, he turned around and saw.....
What did he saw?
How does this story continue?
What happens to Mr.Catogar?
This is the fun part, were you create your own ending however you like it

(Ps: Sorry it is a not such good story)

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