1. Digital Footprint:
Do you think you have no digital footprint?
Well you do, everyone does, it has been growing ever since you were born even before it. Let me explain why. Your parents, posted pictures of your mother pregnant, and then when you were just born, when you gave your first step, your first word and more important moments of the childhood. Then you grew, and were able to creat your own accounts and join social networks, when you become a grown up, you will probably have kids, and you'll start growing their footprint, by posting pictures and more stuff. When you die, your family will post pictures of you in your memory. So ever since you were born, you had a digital footprint, and it will continue growing even after death.

My Digital Footprint:
  • Facebook
  • Messenger
  • Hotmail
  • Prezi.com
  • Weebly.com
This pages make part of my digital footprint because I have an account on them and in some of them I have pictures comments contacts and more, my mother and father aslo have pictures of me, so that makes my digital footprint bigger, and will continue growing every day.
Which is your digital footprint?

2. When commenting always remember it is good to:
  • Compliment the writer in a specify way
  • Add new information
  • Make connections
  • End with a question
  • Check your errors
  • Search for blogs that you are interested in
  • Keep personal information safe
  • Use more details to show excitement
  • Comments should look like friendly letters
  • Stay on topic
  • Don't say anything that has already been said
  • Use appropriate vocabulary
All this recommendations can help you to write a great comment, always remember that the author likes to have comments, and perhaps they may right back(If you have your blog). Never be fake in your comments, for example, if the author says "I love bicycles", but you hate them, just don't comment and look for something you like!

3.What is my favorite tool to embed my blog?
Well, I actually haven't use any, but I've seen some story birds, and I think they are great.
Here, try it at: storybird.com

4. What type of user am I on the web?
I am 2 types of user:

I am of course a creator,because as you can see I am writing this blog.
And I'm having so much fun!
Have you done something like this lately?

I'm also a Joiner, because I use social networks a lot, specially Facebook and Hotmail.
Are you a Joiner too?
Find out which type user you are, at: http://www.businessweek.com

5. Digital citizenship
Well this game is kind of fun, because you can know if you are doing right or not, I didn't do very well, but I know I will improve, because know I know my weaknesses.
You can find out your Digital citizenship at this game.
27/11/2011 06:11:04 am

Hy dani this is one of the blogs I like the most and I have seen you enjoy doing this a lot


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