Evaluating and Nominating
I visited the edublogs challenge page every week to read and understand every challenge. In my opinion, the most useful challenges were number 5 and 8, because they helped me think about different ways of doing my blog, and how to do it correctly, I also learned many different ways of getting comments and visitors to my blog. The challenges I liked the most were number 9 and 7, because they allowed me to express myself and let my creativity show through them. In future challenges I would love to write about activities that we find interesting, how to do them and why we like them. I would also like to talk about friendship, our friends and what we do when we are with them, and maybe ask them to write a post for you.

I think the edublogs challenge taught us all of the basic tools and strategies for making a good, basic, simple and interesting blog. The visit this post was very nice, because it allowed us to see great blogs and the correct way of doing the challenges, that way we could improve ours.

There were many options of different blogs around the globe for us to choose from, it was very nice to see the different way of thinking and opinions of all those different people. I visited many different blogs from around the world, and I commented in most of them, it was very nice for us to connect globaly, to see the different situations and likes of people.
I liked the edublogs challenge a lot, because it helped me grow as a blogger, and I learned about many different cultures in a very different way that doesn't include wikipedia or google... it is just experiance and description of people that are there in this moment and that know exactly how life is in their country, because they are living it. I was really nice to learn many different things, and I know that even tough the participants of this challenge don't know each other... we all did the same exact challenge, and we are all part of sort of a big, big family.

3 screen shots (from my blog)
Auto evaluation
Until now, I've written about 23 posts... but as my teacher always says, what is important is quality not quantity .11 of my posts were challenges, 2 or 3 of them were school topics... but the rest ( about 10 of them) were all about my likes, or about stuff I wanted to show you guys. I had about 10 comments, but when I was trying to accept them, I mistakenly clicked on the wrong button and erased them all, so now I've got about 5 comments.

I enjoyed a lot writing the "Favorites" post, because it allowed me to go deeper into my likes and learn more about myself, I tried to be very creative, original and of course myself.  In my blog I have 4 widgets, and in my challenges blog I have 2, which I think is enough, because having more than five is excessive, but not having any is kind of boring. I have a flag counter, which in my opinion is the most important widget, because that way I can know who is visiting by blog (165 visitors), I also have 2 translators which I think are very important because that way every person can read my blog in an easier/comfortable way. In my blogroll I have 12 links for student's blogs, 4 of them are for students from Colombia and 8 of them are of kids from all around the world.

I nominate

I  nominate Alexandra's blog to best student blog. She is from Canada, and she is very creative and dedicated to her blog. She clearly loves  Hokey, and she seems like a very nice person. Her blog has around 332 visitors, she has about 40 links to other students blogs, and she has realized all the challenges.

Miss W.
27/11/2011 01:55:46 pm

What a great final post evaluating what you have done with your blog and how the challenge has helped you. Thanks for taking part - I hope to see you in the March 2012 challenge as well.

Miss W.
4/12/2011 02:44:52 pm

The Edublog Awards are nothing to do with the student blogging challenge.

They are a world wide look at blogging and you get a chance to nominate under certain categories.

If you keep visiting this website http://edublogawards.com you will find out who the winners are and at the moment you can vote for who you think should win under different categories.


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