Evaluating and Nominating
I visited the edublogs challenge page every week to read and understand every challenge. In my opinion, the most useful challenges were number 5 and 8, because they helped me think about different ways of doing my blog, and how to do it correctly, I also learned many different ways of getting comments and visitors to my blog. The challenges I liked the most were number 9 and 7, because they allowed me to express myself and let my creativity show through them. In future challenges I would love to write about activities that we find interesting, how to do them and why we like them. I would also like to talk about friendship, our friends and what we do when we are with them, and maybe ask them to write a post for you.

I think the edublogs challenge taught us all of the basic tools and strategies for making a good, basic, simple and interesting blog. The visit this post was very nice, because it allowed us to see great blogs and the correct way of doing the challenges, that way we could improve ours.

There were many options of different blogs around the globe for us to choose from, it was very nice to see the different way of thinking and opinions of all those different people. I visited many different blogs from around the world, and I commented in most of them, it was very nice for us to connect globaly, to see the different situations and likes of people.
I liked the edublogs challenge a lot, because it helped me grow as a blogger, and I learned about many different cultures in a very different way that doesn't include wikipedia or google... it is just experiance and description of people that are there in this moment and that know exactly how life is in their country, because they are living it. I was really nice to learn many different things, and I know that even tough the participants of this challenge don't know each other... we all did the same exact challenge, and we are all part of sort of a big, big family.

3 screen shots (from my blog)
Auto evaluation
Until now, I've written about 23 posts... but as my teacher always says, what is important is quality not quantity .11 of my posts were challenges, 2 or 3 of them were school topics... but the rest ( about 10 of them) were all about my likes, or about stuff I wanted to show you guys. I had about 10 comments, but when I was trying to accept them, I mistakenly clicked on the wrong button and erased them all, so now I've got about 5 comments.

I enjoyed a lot writing the "Favorites" post, because it allowed me to go deeper into my likes and learn more about myself, I tried to be very creative, original and of course myself.  In my blog I have 4 widgets, and in my challenges blog I have 2, which I think is enough, because having more than five is excessive, but not having any is kind of boring. I have a flag counter, which in my opinion is the most important widget, because that way I can know who is visiting by blog (165 visitors), I also have 2 translators which I think are very important because that way every person can read my blog in an easier/comfortable way. In my blogroll I have 12 links for student's blogs, 4 of them are for students from Colombia and 8 of them are of kids from all around the world.

I nominate

I  nominate Alexandra's blog to best student blog. She is from Canada, and she is very creative and dedicated to her blog. She clearly loves  Hokey, and she seems like a very nice person. Her blog has around 332 visitors, she has about 40 links to other students blogs, and she has realized all the challenges.

Hi guys this is one of mu last challenge posts! I am very exited because I am almost done with my task, but I am also very sad because I will miss writing the posts and asking Miss W for help =(
This is the penultimate week of the blogs challenge and I am going to do my best to finish this Challenges!

I made it at Powerpoint and the pictures are from Google
My favorite things are:
  • Converse
  • Music
  • Soccer
  • Creativity and color
  • Hanging out with my friends and family
Once my grandmother asked me what I wanted for my birthday present, and I told her that I wanted clothes and a pair of converse.. she was very astonished and she told me "Now you like converse? Did you know that when I was a small girl like you, I used to wear converse, and when you were around 4 years old, I gave you a pair them, and you told me: Ewww I don't like them and I will never do!". I was very impressed to see how I has changed my mind, because now I LOVE converse!
That day I learnt how every person has different likes and they change frequently, but there are also similarities, and the converse are an example, because they have been worn for a very long time!

I simply love music, It inspires me to try new things and It makes me feel alive, I also think it is a very creative way of communication. I like music that we are able to dance like POP and REGUETON, there are many other like many singers like Selena Gomez, Nicly Minah, Black Eyed Peas, Alexis & Fido, J.Alvarez and many more.

The songs I like the most are:
I love to dance around being silly, and music is technically one of my hobbies, because I listen to it a lot and when I was 8 years old, the only way for me to fell asleep was to turn the music on ( low volume) and go to bed and I fell asleep listening to it.

Which is your favorite music??


I love colorful things, things that catch my attention and make me feel happy!
I like people to be original and let their imagination blow, I think that's the kind of person I am.  I like all the colors but as I said in a previous post, my favorite colors are orange, blue and purple!

I don't like people that copy and take other people's ideas as they were their own.  I like things that catch my eye and that outstand/highlight from the rest!

Are you connecting?
I love them so much!
1. My family:
My family consists on my 2 grandmothers and grandfathers, my mother and stepfather,my father and stepmother and finally my brother. My mother has a brother called Juan Carlos, he's got two kids, Sofia and Martin, and my father's got a brother called Guillermo, which has a son called Alejandro.  My family is very loving, caring and close to each other. We usually get together in Christmas at my grandmother's sister (Beatriz) home, we usually play secret friend, and we receive many presents from all the family. We also try to get together in special dates like mother's/ father's day, birthdays and more! My family grows as a team every day, we learn how to understand each other and just be happy!

2. Family members leave comments
I asked some of my family members to leave comments in my blog, so you will be able to see lots of my family's comments.

Are your family members commenting in your blog? Why don't you ask them to?
Try to becreative an have faith in yourself
Have you got many comments and visitors in your blog?
Well, if you don't, I've got some tips for you:

It's always important to ask questions, to viewers an idea of what to comment.
Try to visit other blogs and comment.
Post things that many people can be interested about, try to be creative and think about all age viewers.
You could ask friends to put a link to your blog in theirs.
Interact with your viewers, ask them for feedback, or stuff like that!
Make your blog attractive visually, many people don't like to read long things, so put pictures!
Try to continuously write posts, because if not people will get bored of watching the same old posts!
Ask your viewers what they think about your blog, and try to adapt it to their likes, but always remember that the most important thing is for you to like it! 
Ask your family members, friends or even teachers to see your blog and they may like it and enter to it many times!
Remember to have good spelling ( I know I don't have a very good one) so people understand and read your posts!
Be creative and original! (Don't copy things from other sites, that way your blog will be unique)

4. Family member post
Hello everybody, I am Daniela’s father. 
When I was a child, my parent’s tough me outdoors activities, such as:  hunting, fishing among others, some of this implied destruction of wild life. In  those times we weren’t concern about the environment as we are now a day and we  should be.  The earth our parent  left us is very different to the earth that we are going to leave to our  children. All those teaching that I learned as a child can not be the same that I am teaching to my daughter and son. We have to protect nature in all forms: plants, wild animals and water.

The good example not only have to be seen in television, searched in internet, read in magazines, but seen in their homes. It is our responsibility that our children treat the earth in a different way that how we did in the past. It is our responsibility to leave our children in a better world to live in armory with technology and in armory with quality of life.

Let’s show them how to recycle, how to save water, how to take care of wild live, how to live better and how to protects the earth for other generations to

5. My coments
I ussually use the technique of skimming and scaning to read blogs until I find a post I`m interested in, I only like to read posts that have a picture, are creative, maybe colorful and that have something in common with me, if a post has thaose charasteristics I like commet, because ig I don`t find those things in a post, I ussually get bored and don`t know what to comment about .
I have found many "thigs I want to do before I get old" and I have comented in most of them, because I almost always had one or more things in common.

6. Do I connect?
I made a collage showing the different resources I use to connect, most of them ae social networks, and some of them are people I know. I use social networks to talk and connect to people that aren`t next to me, I mostly use blakberry MSN, but when I`m close to the people I prefer to see them and talk to them. (this is kind of obvius) 

Paragraph. Haz clic aquí para modificar.
Let your creativity show
My work of art at color in motion
1. I entered to some websites to create some digital posters and play some art related games,the websites were:
I think it was really cool to find and try some new ways of creating art!

I also entered to some websites and played some music and audio games, the websites were:
I entered to 2 websites that have verity of stuff:
  • My pop studio: It had options for you to do tests, and create things, from magazines and digital to T.V and music.
  • Kids in the mid: It has many categories for you to choose from, and in each one there are some web pages which you can go to.

2. Creativity
Creativity, is life, it is to be happy, and create a new world of ideas, hopes and dreams. Creativity is originality, it doesn't always mean colors, something creative can also been in black and white.
I usually show my creativity in my daily life, by having new ideas, and very colorful drawings and letters. I consider me a very creative person, I use many different colors and designs in everything I do.

3. Creative
I saw Mariana's blog, and I saw some pictures of animals doing weird stuff, and I thought it was really funny, and she was very creative.

1. Hunger-Global issue
What is life for you?
For me... Life is a puzzle, sometimes you know the way out, sometimes you ask someone to help you but sometimes you just can't do anything about it. I think the most important thing about life, is to never say never, it means to never give up, because nothing is impossible if we want to achieve it.
For most of us life is easy, well let's look at a global problem, and see if life is simple for everybody.
I think hunger is something that's affecting many  people around the world, see this chart and tell me what you think about it.
From: Flickr By: Chris JL
On October 11, 2010 there was a report about malnourished people in the world, which went above 1 billion people, that is one sixth of the world population. About six million children die of hunger every year, isn't that sad?

There were about 925 million undernourished people in the world in 2010. Investigations say that the world already produces enough food to feed everyone (6 billion people)  and could feed double (12 billion people). What is that supposed to mean? Are some people eating more that they should? Or are we wasting our food? Why don't we do anything about it?

I think sometimes we just don't realize the situation, but I'm sure that if we know how to fly the air as birds, and swim the sea like fish, we can definitely do something about it.
The purple part was an exert from Martin Luther King's speech, when he was accepting the Nobel price for peace in 1964.

2. My classroom has taken part in some work associating with global issues
From: Flickr By: S l a e e m - H o s m i
My classmates and I have been investigating about a global Issue called Arab Spring. We have been working on the causes, the effects and on how technology affects everything. We got to the conclusion of technology's role in revolutions, it was that technology excels everything for better or for worst, It helps people come together and know about things easier and faster.

From: Compfight- butterstock By: Vector

3. United Nations
A billion of people in the world, survive with less than a dollar a day. Could you survive like that?

I know I wouldn't.
This problem has been very important in the world, as you can see at the beginning of this post.
United Nations in the 2000, came up with a plan to help. 189 heads of pledge and government came together to make a better world. If the process continues like this, or improves, we will be able to achieve this goal by 2015. Their goal is clear and it is to stop misery, suffering, hunger, poor housing, illnesses, the missing of respect, dignity and choice.
They say that this should not be done only at the United Nation, but also in each and every country, and that can only happen if we all come together to make a change.

4. Be creative
This is a test about global issues, it has to be with all this post.

5. Free rice
I joined a group,which Mrs.W created, and we will see how many grains of rice we can collect by the end of the challenge.

How many grains of rise do you think we will collect?

From Flickr By: Franconian
1.Color a post
I actually like all the colors a lot, I like colorful and creative things. But as almost everyone does I have favorite colors, blue, purple and orange.

From:Flickr By: Davide Cassanelo
Blue makes me feel calm, and relaxed, it also reminds me of the sea, the sound of the waves, and the animals that live in it. I also identify blue with the sky,the birds and the clouds.

From: Flickr By: esctaticist
Purple reminds me of nature, more specifically the flowers, as shown in the picture. Purple is a very cheerful color, it makes me feel alive and full of energy.

From: Flickr By: Nathih
Orange reminds me of the sunset, because it makes part of  some of the colors we usually see in sunsets. It also reminds me of Autumn, because the leaves of the trees turn orange and yellow.

Which is your favorite color?
What does it remind you of?

2. Create your own image
This is a picture I created, which shows some of my favorite things:

  • Converse
  • A cruise
  • Abercrombie's clothes
  • Dogs
  • Soccer
  • Music
  • Dancing

Try and zoom out your picture
3. Zoom out from a picture
Maybe now you only see a man ridding a bicycle, but lets use our imagination and zoom out the picture.
Where is he?
Where is he going?
What's happening around him?

We can ask lots of questions, but every person has a different idea. So let your imagination fly, and comment your zoom out.

4.Let the pictures do the talking

Title: The fight

Look at the slide show and try to figure out the story
5. Tell the story of the picture
The cristal eye:
Deep down underneath the sea, live beautifull cratures in the blue forest. Aragon the wizard that governs and directs every single habitant, had a sister...  Aragon´s siter was Irene, the most beautiful, peaceful and intelligent creature. She was the most desired, and loved from her familly. Aragon in the other hand, was quite jelous and disobidient, he hated his sister, well what can I say, she got all the love he never did. You may be questioning what does the eye has to be with this story. Well the eye doesn´t happen to be any eye, it is Irine´s eye, and anyone who has it, has the power over every single creature in the blue forest. This cristal eye, is so powerful due to the moment in which Aragon converted Irene into an ice sculpture, the power of the two sibblings, was transfered to this eye.

6. Create an animated photo show

Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.

7. Write a sentence using images -no writing

1. After school activities
My after school activities are to play soccer, in my school's team, we are very dedicated, we practice every Monday, Friday and some of us on Saturdays, for 1 hour and a half. when I arrive to my house, I usually do my homework first, but then I like to turn the music on and Dance, to do some exercise and of course to have fun.

2.If you could learn anything...
I would love to learn singing, because I love music, and it will be great to be able to make my own. I love to listen to talented people sing, and I would like to have a great voice just like them, but I'm horrible at it.
I would also like to learn how to ply soccer very welll. And at last but not the least I would like to learn to act better and speak French.

3. Beginning a story.....
I'm going to write the beginning of a story I invented and then you guys can write the end of the story however you like it in comments.
Someone once dremt about a world, a world were everyone had powers, and there were no fights. There was the power of the four elements, water, fire, air and sand, also the invisibility, and teletransportation, and every other power you can think of. Once the evil Gocatarch wizard stole everyone's powers. Mr.Catogar, the head master of Chaperdam's school for wizards, went to the prohibited black forest were Gocatarch lived. There were black unicorns, vampires,werewolfs and all types of beasts that you can imagine. He heard a sound, and another one, and another one, every time louder and louder, they seemed like steps... when he herd the steps very close, he turned around and saw.....
What did he saw?
How does this story continue?
What happens to Mr.Catogar?
This is the fun part, were you create your own ending however you like it

(Ps: Sorry it is a not such good story)

1. Digital Footprint:
Do you think you have no digital footprint?
Well you do, everyone does, it has been growing ever since you were born even before it. Let me explain why. Your parents, posted pictures of your mother pregnant, and then when you were just born, when you gave your first step, your first word and more important moments of the childhood. Then you grew, and were able to creat your own accounts and join social networks, when you become a grown up, you will probably have kids, and you'll start growing their footprint, by posting pictures and more stuff. When you die, your family will post pictures of you in your memory. So ever since you were born, you had a digital footprint, and it will continue growing even after death.

My Digital Footprint:
  • Facebook
  • Messenger
  • Hotmail
  • Prezi.com
  • Weebly.com
This pages make part of my digital footprint because I have an account on them and in some of them I have pictures comments contacts and more, my mother and father aslo have pictures of me, so that makes my digital footprint bigger, and will continue growing every day.
Which is your digital footprint?

2. When commenting always remember it is good to:
  • Compliment the writer in a specify way
  • Add new information
  • Make connections
  • End with a question
  • Check your errors
  • Search for blogs that you are interested in
  • Keep personal information safe
  • Use more details to show excitement
  • Comments should look like friendly letters
  • Stay on topic
  • Don't say anything that has already been said
  • Use appropriate vocabulary
All this recommendations can help you to write a great comment, always remember that the author likes to have comments, and perhaps they may right back(If you have your blog). Never be fake in your comments, for example, if the author says "I love bicycles", but you hate them, just don't comment and look for something you like!

3.What is my favorite tool to embed my blog?
Well, I actually haven't use any, but I've seen some story birds, and I think they are great.
Here, try it at: storybird.com

4. What type of user am I on the web?
I am 2 types of user:

I am of course a creator,because as you can see I am writing this blog.
And I'm having so much fun!
Have you done something like this lately?

I'm also a Joiner, because I use social networks a lot, specially Facebook and Hotmail.
Are you a Joiner too?
Find out which type user you are, at: http://www.businessweek.com

5. Digital citizenship
Well this game is kind of fun, because you can know if you are doing right or not, I didn't do very well, but I know I will improve, because know I know my weaknesses.
You can find out your Digital citizenship at this game.
Challenge # 1: Was to create an avatar and write about yourself, you can find that in about me
Challenge # 2: Was to write about the place were you live, or you would like to visit, you can find that at blog
This is my very first blog, and also the first blogging challenge I do, so I hope it is not too hard!