Well, hello guys, these are some pictures I found at teen.com, they use them to say how celebrities will be in the future. But I just have to say they are like sibblings that were separated when they were young. I mean, they are really similar. 

Lea michele - Penelope cruz

It looks like our Glee star has a lots sister, which is older than her (obviously), but really similar. Just look at their eyes, their mouths and OMG their noses!
They are ident!

Liam payne - david Beckham

Ok maybe they aren't so similar, but trust when Liam grows, they will be like clones! Think about it, they have the same dreamy brown eyes and plain small smile, plus their hair color is similar. David could be his father! (Just kidding) 

zayn malik - enrrique iglesias

You can't deny it, they are ident! if someone told you so, you'd be like: NO WAY!

But when you put them side by side... OMG twins! It's good to know Zayn isn't the only exotic-looking hottie out there. Plus, they both sing!

who wowed you the most? 

anita m
12/4/2012 07:31:53 am

I think penelope and lea are really twins


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