Willow smith

Well, I'm guessing you all know who Willow smith is, but if you don;t, let me tell you a little about her...
She is an 11 years old actress and singer, but she is better known as a singer. Maybe you don;t know, but she is Will Smith's youngest daughter, and if you don't know who Will is, well then look it up internet, cause I'm not wikipedia!

Ok, now that you know who she is, I'm gonna tell you what I like about her.
We can express ourselfs in anyway we want, in her case, it's Hair. Ok, I would never do this hairstyles or haircuts on me, but they look really cool on her.
Take a look:

Her haircuts are just one part of the things I wanted to show you...
She has strange hairstyles, and also a song that talk about it! Well, not specifically about heir cuts ans all that stuff but...
It is really cool, well, it's not such a great song, but I think it is funny because, well it is sort of linked to what I just told you.
Watch it yourself:
Don't you think she is really cool? And sort of... weird? ( in a good way) 

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