Do you know the international pop-star Shakira's story?
Well I do, and I think it is impressive how she got to be famous.
She was pretty poor, but she had a passion for singing and dancing. The kids at her school told her she didn´t know how to sing, and she was never elected to be in the choir.
when she grew up, she went to a record studio to show her talent and "become famous", but she was rejected. The musicians and producers told her she had zero talent and that she didn´t  belong in the music world... But she never gave up, she followed her dreams and kept practicing. And now.. she is recognized and admired around the whole world!
She is the first Colombian to get a star in the Hollywood walk of fame.

Who do you admire?
Why is that?

omid hashem zehi
14/11/2012 02:01:03 am

I didnt know thanks


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