The 2012 KCA were two nights ago, and many stars showed up. there were lot's of slime, glam and swagger. I personally love this awards, because well, they are the same as many others, but this are of teens/kids. 
Many stars got Blimps, let's see who they were:


The victorious cast won for favorite TV Show!
They were really exited, just look at their faces. I personally voted for them once, or twise, but I also voted for the others. 
(I voted for someone different almost everyday)

Jake short

He won a blimp for Favorite TV actor, for his role as Fletcherin ANT farm from Disney.
(I also voted for him, so I am really exited.)

Selena gomez

She won TWO blimps!
One for Favorite TV Actrees, which she won for her role as Alex in Wizards Of Waverly Place. And she won the second blimp for  Favorite Female Singer. I love her acting and her music, and I voted for her in both categories! (But I also voted for others as well)

Jannette Mccurdy

She won a Blimp for Favorite TV Sidekick, for her performance as Sam in iCarly!
She looked amazing, and happy,  but I think she was a little disapointed because iCarly had won The blimp for Favorite TV show for 3 years, but this year Victorius, got the Victory.

Adam sandler

He got the blimp for Favorite Movie actor for his role on Jack & Jill. He is known as Mr.Funnyman, and  I clearly know why...
He is very funny and spontanius .Congratulations Adam!

Kristen stewart

She won the blimp for Favorite Movie Actrees for her role in the Twilight saga.

Katy PErry

She didn`t win the blimp for what we would all think. (Music) But she did got one for favorite Voice form an Animated Movie. She did Smurfette`s voice. 

Taylor lautner

He got his blimp for Favorite Buttkicker, for his role as Jacob in the Twilight Saga.

Justin bieber

He won Two blimps as well as his girlfriend Selena. His first blimp was for favorite Male singer. And his second blimp was for Biggest Slime of the night. (As you can see in the picture at your right). Congratulations Justin, The first time you win a Blimp and you get 2!

Taylor swift

Besides being very talented and pretty, Taylor has a big heart. 
She helps people around the world. She got her blimp for the big help award, which she really deserved.  Congratulations to her!

If you want to know who the other winners are Click Here.
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No you are pissed because others aren't just like you and your tv show didn't win, how are the voters "jealous"!


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