The funniest youtube videos

Video # 2
Grape smashing lady

This video is really funny. The begginig is just a boring explanation of... I don't know what. But then when they start smashing the grapes, and one of them falls.... 

Just watch and listen 

Video # 1
Laughter chain

This video is hilarious, it shows funny laughters, all of them are rel good, but in my opinion the funniest one is the old man in yellow shirt one, and a teenager with dark purple shirt... Really funny!
Watch it yourself and you'll understand what I'm talking about.

Video # 3
Scarlet takes a tumble

This one is REALLY funny. Theres just a woman, singing, and she just gets so, I don't know... exited, that she gets on top of a table, but when she takes a step forward.... let's just say it's the best part.

Just watch it and you'll see what I mean
7/10/2012 11:02:59 pm

Lol that cracks me up.. thanks <a href="">Funny Videos</a>


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