Well, hello guys, I have been doing some trend spotting and I think...
The following "Woman" look amazing in this clothes, and it looks like this top/high-waisted skirts are what's IN right now. I'm not making this up, our role models themselves wore them to the KCA and Hunger Games premiere. I think the 3 of them look amazing in their own, specific way...
Now, the question is, who wore it better?

Selena looked amazing as always in the Orange carpet. I really like how light colors look on her. And she followed the same pattern in her clothes as in last year's KCA, which is basically to use a neutral  color in her clothes and some bright color hills to add some glow to the outfit, Which I love.

Katy, well, I really like the green color, I would never wear it myself, but she looks amazing. The design, pattern and color matches perfectly her wacky fun style! And I just have to highlight the fat that I thought her blu heir was going to wear off fast, but it looks like she likes it, and we may be seing it a while longer.

Miley, looked really nice, well as a matter or fact, she is really pretty. I just think she looked sort of goth with that black top/high-waisted skirt, but her big smile make everything better. But she really made har presence clear at The Hunger Games premiere.

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