The Coachella Music Festival was this weekend in Indio, California, and some of Hollywood's biggest celebs showed up! They left their high fashion behind and instead went for comfortable, perfect for walking and having fun, talking and looking amazing around the festival grounds. Their dressed-down style perfectly matched the event's carefree hippie vibe!

Many trends were spotted on the festival fairgrounds include 70's patterns, loads of stipes and funky hats (Really cute!). The celebrities which were spotted thew most, were Lindsay LohanVanessa HudgensEmma RobertsIan Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev, FergieParis Hilton and many more!

Lindsay Lohan

She made the BARE LEAGS category. At the coachela, many celebs were bare lags, and she was one of them, with this beautiful lace mini-dress.

Emma Watson

Hats, Hats and More hats....
Many stars wore hats, it's understandable due to the hot sun! Emma wore a brown hat, with a beautifull tiger print mini. 

Katy Perry

She made the flower pattern categorie!  With this mini dress, ripped pantyhose and  big dark boots. 
And by the way, she went from blue to purple hair!

Nina and Ian

Ian made the hats hats and more hats categorie... Nina made the  long loose skirt/dress category. It's my favorite. Plus, Ian was by her side.. Even better! Cute couple.

Vanessa Hudgens

She made 4 categories! Wow that's the record of the day!
1. Bare legs, with this jean shorts, and kind of hippie outfit. 
2. Hats, hats and more hats, with this orangy brown hat! Which looked amazing on her
3. Crazy pattern, with her black and white mini, loose dress.
4. Flower pattern categorie with her short no-sleved shirt


She made the Hats coterie and long loose skirt/dress categorie!
I personally don;t like her outfit, too many loose layers. Plus I didn't like the cowboy cardigan, and boots.

Paris Hilton

She made two categories as well, the Crazy pattern and long losse blablabla....\
Both for her beautiful, irregular striped, long, colorful skirt. 
Way to go Paris!

Emma Roberts

She is in a tie with Vanessa! Four categories! Wow!
  • The first one goes to her hat of course in the categorie Hats, Hats and more Hats
  • The next one is for her black and white pats... crazy pattern categorie.
  • Now let's move on to the second picture... This one goes for her short: BARE LEGS!
  • And another one to her shorts: Flower patterns!

The same exact categories V won!
26/4/2012 02:10:14 am

wooow loving there outfits totally cute wish I had that. Were do you find all of these.

Daniela (The wirter)
27/4/2012 12:29:42 am

Well, if you type Coachella celebrity style 2012 on google, and you'll get ma y results, or just search for the specific images on google images

23/6/2012 04:28:30 pm

I love this blog layout, where can I download it?

Daniela (the writer)
25/6/2012 10:26:05 am

Well, you can't actually download it. It is much more complicated than that. At the top bar of your blog, when you are in edit mode, you have 4 options: Elements, design, pages, settings.
You need to go to design and then, at the bottom right part of the bar there is an option that says: Edit HTML/CSS.
You need to go there. From now on, there are just some codes, I can't really explain which one you have to edit and how to do it, so I guess you'll have to trust your instincts, or maybe check it out online.

Hope I could help, Daniela TW (TW: the writer)


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