You may be wandering what the tittle "Eye of meanings" means. Well let me explain it to you. I was on the internet, searching for some colorful pictures for my desktop background, and I found a link that said color meanings. I  found out that every color has a meaning.
But anyway, this are just meanings that people who call themselves experts gave the colors,  remember that a color can mean anything you want it to, it depends on the way you want to see it. 

WHITE: It is the color of virtude, purity, cleanliness and innocence. 
GRAY: Gray si known as a color of mourning and formality. 
BLACK: It is considered the negation of color or the absence of it, it is conservative, serious and conventional. 
PINK: It can create physical witnesses on people. It pretty much represents cotton candy, bubble gum and specially little baby girls. 
RED: It can represent beautiful love or violent war. Red is passion, but it is also cupid and the devil. It also has physical effects, like increasing rate of respiration and blood pressure. 
ORANGE: It represents energy, warmth and the sun, due to it's combination of red and yellow. 
YELLOW: Ir represents hope, happiness, friendship and joy, but in the other hand, it is also the color of deceit and cowardice. 
GREEN: It means life, renewal, nature, growth, health and environment,  but in the other hand, green is also inexperience and jealousy or envy. 
BLUE: It means calm and cool, calm and friendly, but also strong and steadfast. The different tonalities make time pass faster and make you sleep. 
PURPLE: It is warm and cool, royalty and spirituality. IT is the mixture of two opposite colors, blue and red. 

Colors are a different type of words, they all mean something, and they should inspire us to do new things, I personally love colors because they give me happiness and cheer me up!

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