I saw this really cool movie, which is called The Devil Wears Prada, it is really cool.
It is about a woman called Andrea that wants to be a journalist, but she started her career as the assistant of the greatest fashion icon. Andrea wore horrible clothes, and her boss was like totally stylish, so what actually happens, is that Andrea goes through a big transformation, she becomes stylish and her clothes are amazing.

Anyway, I don't really understand the name of the movie, cause Andrea is the one that starts to wear Prada, but she is not actually a Devil, she is  nice to people... or maybe it is refering to her boss, because her boss do is bad..... I don't know, I'm confused and don't really get the name.
Do you understand the name? 

Liz Hurst
24/11/2012 01:55:31 pm

In my opinion, I think it means that behind the expensive wardrobe there was a bad person there after all. Even though Andrea seemed nice, she still preferred her job over her boyfriend and she went to Paris despite Emily. So I see it as a way to say that the fancy people in the movie are like the devil because they are mean and selfish. (: It's kind of difficult to explain lol.


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