This post is about my DREAM trip, I actually have many, but this is the one I want to do for the next year!
This is Island Of Adventure
I wanna go about 5 days to Orlando Parks, like Disney, Island of adventure, blizzard beach and many more. I wanna go with my mother, aunt, uncle, two cousins and my grandmother.
I love roller·coasters cause I also love adrenaline, and the way it goes up, down and around so fast is really cool. 

This is Oasis of the seas!
After Orlando Parks, we will be tired of walking and walking and waiting under the sun, so. . . I´´d like to go to a CRUISE, to relax, go to the pool, when we stop, get to know the ports and swim in the sea. OMG that would be so cool! Or maybe go to a cruise around the Arctic or something like that, people say it is very cool to!

I already know ORLANDO PARKS and a CRUISE, but I have never went to the both at the same time, so I think the combination is perfect!

And. . . which are your dream vacations? 
Or at least, where to you want to go next year?Why is that?

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