famous couples which 
share clothes
(at least it looks like that)           

First of all, Justin and Selena.  This purple plaids, yep, they are one, not two, one.... Soo, who is it from?

Nina and Ian. Ok, first of all I just want to say I love their show, The Vampire Diaries. Okay, they both wore the same exact hat.... Who wore it best? 

Emma and Andrew. Ok, the similarity may not be to easy to spot, in this case. But I'll explain. Each one has red pants in one of the pictures, and his dark blue jacket is similar to her light brown jacket. 

Robert and Kristen. They look really cute with the same black and white plaid. 
But who wore it best? I think robert did. What do you think?

Well, hello guys, I've got good news for you. Today it is all about weird fashion. Specifically shoes. Ok, this page called teen.com, has spotted many celebrities with really wird shoes, and I just want to share that with you too. 
Just take a look: (don't faint) 

Willow smith

What the @#%&$!  Are those heels or sneakers? I mean : what! This are wayy to weird and I don't know I'm just in shock, I seriously don't like them. But if she like them, it's her choice.

Katy perry

Ok I have to admit I wasn't very surprised with her because, you know her style is always, out of the ordinary...
But this shoes... This shoes, wow.... WEIRD>

ashley Tisdale

Ok, first of all, these are way to high, plus they look really uncomfortable. I honestly don't like the color, or the platform, and anyway, how long did it take her to lace them up! I mean, they are not like converse, just a few wholes, nooo I bet there are at leas 20 in each side!

taylor momsen

Ok, I'm really speechless...
First of all, because I don't know who she is and second of all... What are those shoes!

Lucy hale

Ok, I have to admit I like these, they are weird YES. But they are cool, I mean... They are high-heels without heels. They look amazing on her.

Nicki Minaj

Well, what is weird is: kind of the second floor"y" thing effect, I mean they look like shoes on top of other shoes. But f they didn't have that thing, I would actually like them. 


Ok, Rihanna, sweetie what is this? I mean, you look like you had a really long spider tied around your legs ... And it wasn't even a cute spider. Sorry, just my opinion.

LAdy gaga

Ok, are these like, vases she's got on her feet? What is that?
I don't know, but whatever they are, they must really be  unconfortable, it must be like walking in slits.

Which ones do you, like the most or at least hate the less?
Which ones do you hate the most?

Hi guys, well, yesterday I was searching for pictures to edit my blog's theme, and I found this Victoria Justice's Seventeen fotoshoot. I thought the clothes were beautiful, and well I think she is very pretty. 
So well, I just wanted to show them to you. 

Victoria justice's fotoshoot

Hi guys, well, this days my blog is going to focus a little bit on FASHION, allright. Today I just wanted to show you some celebrity style!

the 50's

Bruno Mars showed up at the grammy Awards showing a complete 50's style. And Ariana Grande at the Halo awards looked like The pink lady. Totally from the 50's.

the 60's

They looked lovely in these pink dresses. Totally 60's glam, form their big eye and perfect skin to their dresses!
Zooey Deschanel and Michelle Williams 

the 70's

Vanessa Hudgens and Nicole Richie, showed a 70's style, with their long wavy hair, draped layers and fringe. 

the 80's

Katy Perry showed up at the MTV ema awards, looking as a total 80's chic and Justin Bieber looked like an 80's guy at the BET awards. When we think of fun and colorful, their style always comes to mind.

the 90's

Whether its ripped tights, high-waisted denim or studded jackets, these two ladies really love leather. Their wacky fun style is amazing, and this alt-rock 90's style is definitely part of it.
Ok, hi guys, for you that have been reading my blog for a while, this is part of a T.V show I watch, called Pretty Little Liars, I hope you remeber it, I did apost about it before. Click here to see it

Ok I've been watching it for a while since that post and it seems like they discovered who A was...
Mona, Hana's best friend, she is now in rehabI think, but it looks like she wasn't the only one behind this. There were other people too. 
But if you only want to watch this episode I'm talking about, just click here.
Or go to Cuevana, search for pretty little liars, got to Temporada 2 (Season 2)  and look for:
For those who don't know who A is, she/he is someone who is sort of blackmailing the four friends, killing people and scaring them, a LOT.

Guys this show is really interesting, I mean it is mostly suspense, so you always want to know what happens next, you can watch it at boomerang, but I am watching it at Cuevana. I'm really sorry I know it is in Spanish but for you to know:

Peliculas - Movies
Noticias - News
Ususarios - Users

Chopping board
Grandpa vs. Technology

Ok, guys this is such a, I wouldn't say very funny, but absurd video, I mean... Just take a look at the look of the girls face, I mean.. She is shocked!
An this is kind of true, you know, my grandmother can't use a computer either, or an i-pad...
Just watch the video, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. 

one direction 

One direction is an amazing boy band, well they are actually kind of new. They became famous because of the XFactor, which they won on 2010.

They are British-Irish, and their names are Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry styles and Louis Tomlinson.

After wining, they were later signed to Columbia Records, and now have about 6 songs, which are "What makes you beautiful" "Na Na NA" "One Thing" "Gotta be you" "Up all night".

Who is it?

Now, I just want to ask, which is your favorite singer?


They dance great, take a look:


This is an amazing Dance crew, which actually won the first season of  America's best Dance crew.
They dance Hip-hop, B-boying and Popping, honestly they are incredible. And their robot dance is the best!
They were originally 11 dancers but now there are only 7. 

Their, let's call it identity, is hidden behind those white masks. 
This show is about many kids, really talented ones, they are from 8 to 13 years old (slightly), they are from Australia and they cook amazingly. The dishes they cook are way to advanced, and sometimes they don't even get the recipe, they just have to taste a dish and make it, without another clue of what is in it, more than taste. 

MY favorite

Name: Siena 

Age: 9

Specialty Dish:  Lemon Curd Tarts

 Plan: Keep my bench tidy at all times, always read the recipe and, of course, taste the food to see if it’s good.

What I like about her is that she is really confident and she's always got a smile, no matter what, even if she is the youngest one in the group. Her cooking is amazing, even if it is a dessert or a salty plate or whatever, she is really talented and perseverant. 

She always dazzles with her amazing dishes, and I just hope she wins. 

Some of the amazing dishes

Do you watch this T.V show?
Can you cook like they do? Do you know someone that does? 


Hi guys, I've got even MORE teenage posts for you, so take a look:
I love all of them! 
I know this time I wrote way to much, but I just couldn't decide which ones not to put. But my favorite is the #4774, which says:
The awkward moment when teacher cracks a joke and nobody laughs.
Because that happens to me a lot, my teacher says a lot of jokes but, most of them aren't funny. Oh wait yeas all of them are funny, but just FOR HIM!