Well, helo guys. I am so exited, I finished watching PLL's second season, about 2 months ago,  and I loved it, even more than the first one, it has much more drama, secrets, characters, Garret was arrested and what is best, we now know who -A is (Mona), but it seems like there is an -A group. 
In the last chapter you can se when Mona reveals it in her thoughts: 

It's a fact!

There are two different "A's", one is -A and another one is --A. 
A friend told be that in the book, Alison is -A, because she had a twin sister which pretended to be her, and sent her to a mad school, and as soon as she was free she killed her twin sister.  And from what I know, for sure... Mona is the 2nd A.


This T.V show has a very amazing fashion style. Every character, well,  the main ones have like their own taste or style. They put som many things together that, well you would never think they'd look great, but they really pull it off.

Spencer, is like a really, simple but sort of chick, like gossip girl style. She does a lot of knee high socks and boots, which look totally cute on her. She wears many cardigans and polos. 

Aria, has a unique style, it is kind of goth, but has a lot of life at the same time. She wears many socks, black socks actually and well, she wears like many layers, kind of, but they look amazing on her.

Emily, has a sporty like style, she is very simple, and does a lot of t-shirts, cardigans, mini-skirts or shorts. Her shoes are basically sneakers or some sandales too. 

Hanna, she is like the fashionista of the group, she always has the latest trends, like the hottest purses or shoes. She and her friend Mona are like totally into shopping, and they have a great fashion sense.
I found this videos on Youtbe, where you can really see how easy to spot yet really tricky fashion you can find in PLL.

Even the stars mentioned in an interview, that their stylist lays out some outfits that they would never think look right, but when the time comes to wear them, they amaze everyone.
Laura Ellenburg
17/4/2012 06:38:30 am

Hi Daniela!

My name is Laura Ellenburg, and I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I have never watched Pretty Little Liars, but after reading your post, I might have to tune in one night. It seems to be a very interesting show! Who is your favorite character on Pretty Little Liars and why? Also, you are obviously very into fashion. After watching the fashion videos on the characters, I think I am most similar to Spencer's style. Which character reflects your fashion style the most?

Awesome post!
Laura Ellenburg

Daniela (The writer)
17/4/2012 09:31:48 am

Well, my favorite character is Aria, she is very mature for her age, but can really be fun, she has that mysterious side, she is not very expressive, which just keeps the tension on the audience, but she really tries to help her friends out with this whole -A situation going. She is small, but big. She has a big heart, and well, many guys like her. For me, she is the most interesting character.

I think I din't have any of their punctual fashion styles. I I'm in between Hanna and Emily. I wear simple things but I try to add something original, like a color top underneath, or a necklace, and I like belts a lot. I never wear hills, I guess I'm too small for them.
(I am 11-14 Guess!) I ty to wear what's IN, but I'm not so much about brands, but about what looks cute on me, even thought I do love Abercrombie and Forever 21. I think I'm like sporty, girly, casual and I just wear what's IN, but with my sort od speciaal touch.

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