PRETTy little liars

I started watching this T.V show at about 3 weeks ago, and I'm already in the 2nd season, it is really entertaining and catchy cause you always want to know what happened next. 

It is really interesting, it is basically about 5 friends that where having a sleepover and Allison disappeared. One year later her body was found, but now someone who says he/she is -A is sending them messages and  threatening them.

I think girls would like it better than boys would but it's your choice anyway. 

Hope you watch it, and like it.

10/4/2012 07:05:13 am

have you wacted the last season 2 it was so scary and they are doing season 3 in june and its only 50 something days left omg

Daniela (The writer)
10/4/2012 09:21:48 am

Yes, I've watched season two, and I loved it, even more than the first one, it has much more drama, secrets, characters, Garret was arrested and what is best, we now know who -A is (Mona), but it seems like there is an -A group.

Have you noticed that there are two different "A", one is -A and another one is --A.

A friend told be that in the book, Alison is -A, because she had a twin sister which pretended to be her, and sent her to a mad school, and as soon as she was free she killed her twin sister.

Pretty little liars is way to intriguing and I love it, hope you watch it, and keep reading my blog cause I'm going to write about this comment put with more details soon.

Daniela, the writer


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