A great place to live
Have you ever heard about Colombia?
If you have, what have you heard?
Well you may have lots of different opinion from different people, but let me tell you mine.
Colombia is a great place t live, it may be insecure some times, but thanks to the police and government it keeps getting better every day. Colombia has plains, jungle, savanna, deserts, rivers, and has borders with the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. Colombia is recognized around the world for the production of coffee, flowers, emeralds, coal and oil, because it has lots of cultural diversity and for being the second richest country in biodiversity in the whole world.
San Andres
I would recommend people to visit San Andres, a beautiful island in the Atlantic Ocean (it is part of Colombia) because it has very nice beaches and you can appreciate beautiful sting rays, in a small island very close .

Colombian coffee is delicious, thanks to the hard work of the countryman and for the location, climate and soil of Colombia. Colombia has very exotic typical food like the sancocho, tamal and more.
Well everything I just told you was a quick summary about how great Colombia is.
If you want to find out some more, you can google "Colombia" or just go to:

28/9/2011 05:13:00 am

Hi Daniela!
Here is a comment from Denmark!
I think Colombia sounds like a beautiful country and I will love to visit the country!:-)
But how warm is I there?

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Take care♥.

29/9/2011 10:05:07 am

Well actually, Colombia is very cool as you just said. The climate changes depending on the city, and well if it is raining it is cold and if ti is a sunny day well it is warmer.I live in Cali, a city of Colombia, around here it is usually very warm!

29/9/2011 10:07:18 am

Well as you said, Colombia is really cool. The climate depends on the city, and the day. Unfortunately we don't have stations here, so the climate changes vary a lot. I live in Cali, a beautiful city in Colombia, and here is usually very warm, even when it rains.


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