Burning down in flames
If my house was burning down in flames, I would probably grab my backpack and put my computer, cellphone, some clothes like a sweater, and underwear. I would take a blanket, and my savings. And because my hands are free I would carry my dog.

What would you take?

19/9/2011 09:21:19 am

i loved your blog... it was very well organized look at mines:)

19/9/2011 09:22:13 am

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20/9/2011 12:14:53 am

Hi Daniela,
Well First of all I hope my house never burns down!!! If it ever does I would make sure my dog is safe because I love her so much! I would bring some clothes too because I wouldn’t want to wear the same clothes. I would also grab my wallet for the money!! Usually my cell phone is in my pocket so I wouldn’t worry much about that but I would try and get my camera cause I love to take pictures. I hope you will visit my blog and leave a comment at 2017knl.edublogs.org.
Thank you, Kristin.

4/10/2011 12:55:41 pm

Hey! Where are the new pictures??? No new videos?


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