cool pictures / illusions

Ok, I know this is totally out of subject, cause I'm talking about movies, T.V and videos, but I found this really cool pictures, and I just wanted to share them with you.

Just look at the effect..
You really think they are moving?

If you look at the very center of this picture you'll see how the wheels spins faster and faster.

  1. Watch the picture below and then go to # 2
  2. What do you read? Good Or evil? 
Look at the blue center of the picture...
Look at it carefully. Tell me, do you se some sort of waves coming from the inside to the outside?

  1. Read the picture. It says a bird in the bush right? 
  2. If you read this more carefully you'll se it says: A bird in the the bush

Which color are the dots on the gray lines?

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