horrible makeunders

First of all, I want to explain what a make-under is... You know makeup right? Well it is exactly the opposite from it. We’re used to see celebrities really glamorous, with makeup, blown out hair, basically anything else that someone can do to look better. As well as the can look great, they also dress down, for acting roles, or personal breakdowns. And these celebrities are a clear example of what I'm saying...

Gaga’s waky style is totally the opposite form this make-under she had for hee video You and I. Greasy hair, a snarl and a shirt that’s probably sweat-stained. It's totally underwhelming compared to her  10-inch heels and spacey headwear. 

2007 was a tough year for Britney Spears... she shaved her head, hit some cars with an umbrella, and.. oh yeah... went a little crazy! Thanks god she’s back to being her lovely self again, skinny, shinny hair and all.

Normally, Katy is... let's just say rainbow like, color hair, crazy colorful clothes... but as a prison attendant on Raising Hope, she looks... let's just say awful. 

Well, this transformation shocked me, for many reasons. For first, she is usually with clean hair. As second, I can say she is a fashionist and well, the picture on the right, shows totally the opposite. And as last, I'm used to seeing Vanessa with eyes that don’t look dead. She doesn't really fit as a troubled teen in Gimme Shelter.

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