Ok, I know my blog now isn't about be, but about movies, T.V and famous people, but I like to express myself through it, so I'm going to write to you guys about me NEW BROTHER.
I promise next post will be more, let's say relevant to all of you, but well after all, this is my blog so...

MY new brother

Hi guys, I just wanted to tell you that I'm going to have a new little brother!

I am so exited, at the beginning I was kind of sad, because I wanted him to be a girl. but I already got used to the idea, so I'm actually really happy. 

Well, I basically wanted to do this post, for you to know a little about what's going on in
Thats my brother (for now)
my life, but I also was expecting you guys to give me your opinion about 2 things.

Well since this post is about me I just wanted to ask two Questions:

1. Which name do you like better for my baby brother? Nicolas, Martin or Santiago?

2. Do you like my blog? What would you change if you were me? Should I change the subject?
27/2/2012 05:27:20 am

I think Nicolas is better

Gustav Van der Bron
27/2/2012 07:18:34 am

I think I like Mikaela

Daniela (The writer)
27/2/2012 08:13:53 am

Thank you, but my father chose those three and he can't make up his mind, so we're just trying to choose one of those three options.
But thanks a lot anyway!

Gustav Van der Bron
27/2/2012 08:19:14 am

Then... I like Santiago pretty much

Daniela (The writer)
27/2/2012 08:46:25 am

Thank you,
I actually like that one a lot too.

maria camila
5/3/2012 06:38:21 am

i hope they put him nicolas and i hope you present him to me :)


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