About one yer ago I traveled to England with my school, it was really fun!
I had some problems speaking English, but I got over it. We stayed at Barnardiston Hall School and some at Ridlesworth. did you know that Lady Di studied at Riddlesworth...How cool is that?
But trust me, it is not as cool as staying at the castle were Harry Potter was filmed! The students that went with my school to England two years before I went, stayed there! That is so cool, but it must be very scary, I mean, all the dark halls and the bathrooms were the snake and ghost appear (In the Harry Potter movie).
Anyway, changing subject... I stayed at Barnardiston, It was very cool, people were really nice, and they sang like angels. At my room, slept three Colombian girls (counting me) and two English girls: Natasha and Shanon. Natasha loved Justin Bieber, she had a huge book just about him, and she always sang BABY. Shanon... she was crazy, instead of drinking juice from the cup, she drank directly from the jar, she made silly noises in the night and she began singing, It was really funny, but after a while I got stressed. On day in the night, more or less at 12:00 pm, the fire alarm sounded...It was horrible! We needed to line up in the cold night, and after a while, the headmaster told us that nothing was happening, that it was a mistake... can you believe it! It was horrible.

Have you ever visited England?
How was your trip like?

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