My teacher, Mr. Otero, has an obsession for Jeniffer Lopez, or as he likes to call her...Jlo.
We are doing a "Projecto de Vida", which in English means Life Project, it is about ourselves, what we like and our friends. One of the pages we need to do is which famous person do we admire... and I'm sure Mr.Otero would say... Jlo, and write about 30 pages, going on and on and on about her, her talent and blablabla. He sometimes arrives late to the class to open the door, but we think he is inside and he doesn't want to open, so a girl always knocks the door and says: Open, I am Jeniffer Lopez!And then we see him walking up the stairs, towards us, and the girl that's pretending to be J L starts laughing.
Mr.Otero has pictures of Jennifer in his i-pad(I think). Oh! talking about his i-pad... it is stressful, he always says: I am going to film you to have evidence for your reports day blabla.. and he stars filming and bothering people!!!

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