I wish you all a very happy Christmas
Okay,  I know Today is not the 24th of December... but this is Christmas Month, so enjoy it !!!
This year for Christmas I will get together with my whole family at my aunt's house, we are many people, about 40!!The Christmas tree is going to be filled with presents. I'm so exited!! I love Christmas, because I get to see all my family members, even the ones from other countries or cities. The only bad thing is that I can't be with my both parents at the same time because they are divorced. But anyway, I'm going to be with many people I love so.... I'll get over it.

I don't know what to ask for!!
So, tuning a new leave... what are you going to ask for? A bike? An i-pod? Beat headphones? What?
Well let me tell you that this year many of my family members asked me what I wanted for Christmas... and I simply don't know!!!I like many things, but I don't need anything else!
I've been thinking about asking for beats headphones, but I don't know what else to ask for. Help me!!!

I wish you all a very happy Christmas, filled with love, happiness, smiles and of course presents!

isa b
30/11/2011 08:26:21 am

i know, another beats for isa!

1/12/2011 06:49:29 am

oh, yeah like I'm gonna buy you some beats! Your crazy!!! I love you Isaaaa!


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