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 The trailer for her new flick, LOL –  starring Ashley GreeneDemi MooreDouglas Booth and Miley Cyrus,  just hit the Internet, about a week ago, and Miley’s character is in the spotlight.

Based on the trailer, you can see there'll be lots of drama, a messy break-up, a nagging parent,  frenemies, boy crushes, best friends and, well, social media. (Teenage life)

There's also this Love triangle, which seems to be getting famous cause I've seen it, in many shows lately. As in, The Hunger games, with Peeta, Katniss and Gale, The vampire diaries, Elena, Stefan and Damon, MEan girls, Regina, Cady and Aaron, and at Glee too, Quinn, Finn and Rachel.

Of course you all know about justin Bieber's new single, what you don;t know is that the video is with a Selena Gomez's look-alike... I would have liked for Selena to be in the video with him, I mean, after all, they wouldn't have to pretend. But anyway, his video is going to be released next week, I guess right now will have to stick to the 45 seconds video.
13/5/2012 10:24:45 am

I cantell tha your really into the celeb stuff. I think that if Justin is in love with her they'll stay together. I also love the font that your blog is in.


25/6/2012 05:54:45 am

I had no idea it was so easy to create a free blog here at Weebly, thanks.


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