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Kids choise awards!

So remember, you could be the one walking down the orange carpet.
So, go, participate, play and vote for the best!

Have fun!
On the 31st of March!
There will be lots of stars, swager and SLIME!
So, you better start voting for your favorites,  just go to the KCA page and vote. you can also play some really cool games, take some quizes and participate to win 4 tickets to the KCA, with airplane ticket, hotel and expenses included!
 Plus, you can walk down the orange carpet with Victoria Justice!
Faith Harness
15/3/2012 01:34:48 am

I love the KCA. I loved victoria juctice since she played on the show Zoey 101. I love KCA, because the slim and the awards.I wish the best to everyone..My email is faith99cullen@yahoo.com ..


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