rumors, gossips..
Are they true?

diamond one actually. But it also turned out to be  a mistake, cause it was just a J shaped ring, he had gave his girlfriend when she arrived from her world tour.

I am really sorry if you are a Justin Bieber fan, but honestly, just let him enjoy life, he is happy with Selena it's not like because of her he is now not gonna date you. He is a guy like any other, only that he is famous, that doesn't change him and his feelings.
Rumors had been spread, saying that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, the famous couple Jelena, were getting married, just because they were spotted at a beach wedding, but it turned out to be that Selena was just a bridesmaid.
In my opinion, they should do anything that makes them happy, but they are too young for getting married, in the other hand, Justin's fans went crazy, one of them even hit Selena on the face.

Lately people are saying that they are engaged because Justin gave Selena a ring, a 
You shouldn't believe everything you hear, because most of the celebrities, let's call them "News" , when are about their provate life are gossips and not true. And this is just a clear example.

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