Ok, hi guys, for you that have been reading my blog for a while, this is part of a T.V show I watch, called Pretty Little Liars, I hope you remeber it, I did apost about it before. Click here to see it

Ok I've been watching it for a while since that post and it seems like they discovered who A was...
Mona, Hana's best friend, she is now in rehabI think, but it looks like she wasn't the only one behind this. There were other people too. 
But if you only want to watch this episode I'm talking about, just click here.
Or go to Cuevana, search for pretty little liars, got to Temporada 2 (Season 2)  and look for:
For those who don't know who A is, she/he is someone who is sort of blackmailing the four friends, killing people and scaring them, a LOT.

Guys this show is really interesting, I mean it is mostly suspense, so you always want to know what happens next, you can watch it at boomerang, but I am watching it at Cuevana. I'm really sorry I know it is in Spanish but for you to know:

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