Am I the only one who senses that there’s a little trouble for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez? I hope it's just my imagination, but from what I've seen, Selena may be wanting to move on from JB. Here's why:

1. She can choose from others.. Will she?

 I heard that Niall Horan from One Direction made a huge play for her, to give her his number and ask her out, right in front of Justin! And what's even worst, is that Selena didn’t seem to mind…

2. Is she not proud of being with him?

Selena isn't very public about her love with Justin, but I heard her tell Ryan Seacrest that being forced to kiss JB at a recent Lakers game was “humiliating” and one of the worst moments of her life. Could this harmless little comment be just that? Or could it mean something else?

3Does she really like swag? And scandal?

Selena seriously hates scandal, and she didn't really want their love to go public... She is expanding into movies and more grown-up songs, I think she is getting annoyed over Justin’s “immature” look and behavior.Maybe “Swag life” is so not her style, maybe she's just looking for a manlier man.

so.. what do you guys think...
are sparks still flying for this couple?
Will they last forever? 
Will Selena get more roses? or is it the end for this beautiful couple?

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