Hollywood favorite's celebrities have been seen around a lot. They definitely love each other, but some of them show it more than others...
They are talented and beautiful, so the form the most envied relationships.

They've been together for a year or so, and they look deeply in love.
They know each other very well, and consider their relationship as well as a couple, friendship (best friends). 

What he likes about her:
He confirmed to Ellen, that what he likes more about Selena are her kissable cheeks.

What she likes about him:
She confessed that she likes Justin's eyes.

Many people think that Selena's love is not as intence as Justin's. He even got in a fight with his BF, because he said Selene was using him. But I see them, very in love

Well, the are really famous for the Twilight saga, in which they worked together. I guess it was easy for them because, they are totally in love.
At the beginning, Kristen wasn't so affectionate, but now she is totally relaxed nest to him.

What he likes about her:
He loves that she is so determined to stay true to herlsef. And that she takes everything seriously.

What she likes about him:
She likes his intelligence and capacity. He has a lot of willpower and common sense. And he doesn't mind loosing, if ti is to give me the reason. 

For many, they are the hottest couple, she is beautiful and he is hot (beautiful eyes) . Since 2010 they had a relationship, which was only confirmed  at the Much Music Awards in 2011. They work together in The vampire diaries, were they have a sort of hidden relationship.

What he likes about her:
She enjoys life, and appreciates everything hat happens around her. She is amazing, and he loves her.

What she likes about him:
He is a very optimist person and is always happy,his cup is half full, not half empty.
His beautiful eyes. 

They met, filmling the movie "The last song",  their love was known in 2010, she was a huge celebrity, and he was an unknown australian actor. Now they share a life of, fame, fortune, happiness and love. He is the star of The Hunger Games

What he likes about her:
When she it bitting a hamburger, and theres a bit of sauce i  her chin. He thinks it is very sexy. 

What she likes about him:
She thinks he is perfect, because he always listens to her. and is by her side, plus he is always available when she most needs him.

Which celebrities do you think are made for one another?
Who do you think will last the most?

tatiana d
16/4/2012 06:26:09 am

i will say that the best couple is ian and nina she is beautiful and he is my dream guy


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