Luckily he received the
r&B album award

Rhiana, he asked for permission to go to the bathroom, and he destroyed it. Wow! 

But at last, he won, people got to the conclusion that he was really talented,and that his personal life didn't have to affect his career. I think it was a relief to him.

What do you think?

Would you give him the Grammy? Why?
I know maybe some of you know that Chris Brown hit Rhiana, that is old news, but it's still shocking. 

But what you may not know, was that Chris got nominated for best R & B album, and he won, but many people where complaining about how people had forgotten about what he did to Rhiana!

He explained he has anger problems...
But seriously, he needs to control them, once, he was n an interview, and people asked him about what he had done to 

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