Hi guys, well, this days my blog is going to focus a little bit on FASHION, allright. Today I just wanted to show you some celebrity style!

the 50's

Bruno Mars showed up at the grammy Awards showing a complete 50's style. And Ariana Grande at the Halo awards looked like The pink lady. Totally from the 50's.

the 60's

They looked lovely in these pink dresses. Totally 60's glam, form their big eye and perfect skin to their dresses!
Zooey Deschanel and Michelle Williams 

the 70's

Vanessa Hudgens and Nicole Richie, showed a 70's style, with their long wavy hair, draped layers and fringe. 

the 80's

Katy Perry showed up at the MTV ema awards, looking as a total 80's chic and Justin Bieber looked like an 80's guy at the BET awards. When we think of fun and colorful, their style always comes to mind.

the 90's

Whether its ripped tights, high-waisted denim or studded jackets, these two ladies really love leather. Their wacky fun style is amazing, and this alt-rock 90's style is definitely part of it.
Black Motorcycle Jackets
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