The funniest youtube videos

Video # 2
Grape smashing lady

This video is really funny. The begginig is just a boring explanation of... I don't know what. But then when they start smashing the grapes, and one of them falls.... 

Just watch and listen 

Video # 1
Laughter chain

This video is hilarious, it shows funny laughters, all of them are rel good, but in my opinion the funniest one is the old man in yellow shirt one, and a teenager with dark purple shirt... Really funny!
Watch it yourself and you'll understand what I'm talking about.

Video # 3
Scarlet takes a tumble

This one is REALLY funny. Theres just a woman, singing, and she just gets so, I don't know... exited, that she gets on top of a table, but when she takes a step forward.... let's just say it's the best part.

Just watch it and you'll see what I mean
Guys please you need to watch this video, I felt terribly sorry when I watched it and I know that like me, you will want to make a difference!
Well today I'm not posting pictures, but videos.
These are my favorite music videos
  • Mi amor By Matt Hunter, which you can see in my previous posts
  • Riding solo By Jason Derulo, which you can also see in my previews posts
  • Price Tag By Jessie J
Which is your favorite video?
Why do you like it so much?

This are one of my favorite songs, I like them a lot, I think they have a very cool rhythm, which I think is great because I love dancing.
Do you like it too?

He is a very young and talented kid...
Check it out
A lot of people from my school (Specially girls) are watching this video, because he is a really good singer, and because the girl that appears in the video, goes to our school.
What are you watching at the moment ?
And is there anybody in your school that has done something  like this?