Old version vs. New version

Well this version is about Charlie, a rich guy, having to let his brother (Allan) live at his house, with his son. Son it is a lot of fun. Plus charlie is the finniest character so he is like the most important feature.
You need to watch it? 
In this new version, Charlie died, and the house was sold. A millioner bought it, and now, Allan, is living with him to. But in my opinion, it was much better before.

What do you think?
Well, this are not complete episodes, just some parts, but there are many other episodes, that are much more fun.
It is a new Disney Channel show, in which famous people prank their biggest fans. Until now I've seen China Anne McClainSelena GomesMitchel Musso, Adam Hicks, Debby RyanCody Simpson, Zendaya, David Henrrie and many more.

You can watch them yourself here, in my blog, but I only have 2 episodes, and there are like 7 of them. 

It is a new T.V show at Disney channel. It is mainly about a girls ( Jessie) which is trying to become a good nanny for 4 tremendous kids. 3 of them,Ravi, Zuri and Luke are adopted, and the older, Emma is the only non-adopted kid. 
They are crazy. Ravi, has a giant lizard as a pet. Zuri, has imaginary friends. Luke is in love with Jessie (At least that's what he thinks). But Emma, she is a normal, typical girl, she just wants to do what she wants. 

breaking dawn

I loved the movie, it is amazing, they get married, they go on their honey moon and many other things. It is really catchy and you just don't want to stop watching it. . .
But the ending, Oh I hated the ending, cause your wating to see what happens and Bella just opens her eyes and thats it, thats the end!!!

I want to see the second part... 
don't you want to see it too?


gossip girl

I haven't actually seen this T.V show, but my cousins say it is really cool. They once told me that they stayed watching it, and not studying for their final exams, so that must mean it  is really good. 

As soon as I finish watching Pretty Little Liars, maybe I'll watch this show, maybe you should too. 
Have you seen it? Did you like it?


PRETTy little liars

I started watching this T.V show at Siries.me about 3 weeks ago, and I'm already in the 2nd season, it is really entertaining and catchy cause you always want to know what happened next. 

It is really interesting, it is basically about 5 friends that where having a sleepover and Allison disappeared. One year later her body was found, but now someone who says he/she is -A is sending them messages and  threatening them.

I think girls would like it better than boys would but it's your choice anyway. 

Hope you watch it, and like it.

Guys!! you have got to watch the most recent Selena Gomez's movie! It's really cool and funny, there are some parts in which you seriously need and stop to catch your breath! It is called Montecarlo:
Have you watch it already?
What do you think of it?