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Kids choise awards!

So remember, you could be the one walking down the orange carpet.
So, go, participate, play and vote for the best!

Have fun!
On the 31st of March!
There will be lots of stars, swager and SLIME!
So, you better start voting for your favorites,  just go to the KCA page and vote. you can also play some really cool games, take some quizes and participate to win 4 tickets to the KCA, with airplane ticket, hotel and expenses included!
 Plus, you can walk down the orange carpet with Victoria Justice!
Congratulations to Meryl Streep
In the Academy Awards of 2012, Meryl Streep got her third Award for Best actress in leading role!
Glenn close, Viola Davis, Rooney Mara, Meryl Streep and Michelle williams were nominated, but only Meryl won.
this is her third award for best actress, wich is close to the record of 4 awards. She is a great actress and she won this recognition because of her role in the movie The Iron Lady.

Jean Dujardin won the tittle for best actor!
The nominees were Demián Bichir, Brad Pitt, Gary Oldman, George Clooney and Jean Dujardin. But of course as you already know Jean won, because of his role in the movie The Artist.

The red carpet

Magazines, newspapers, blogs and mainly people say this are the most beautiful and elegant dresses and jewelry of the red carpet. 
Well, I kept the same people but I change a little bit the order, take a look at my oppinion:
#1 Maria Menounos
#5 Milla Jovovich
#9 Esperanza Spalding
#2 Cameron Diaz
#6 Natalie Portman
#10 Octavia Spencer
#3 Kristen Wiig
#7 Gwyneth Paltrow
#11 Berenice Bejo
#4 Penelope Cruz
#8 Rooney Mara
#12 Penelope Ann-Miller
How do you think the order should be?
Today is my second day of school since Christmas vacations, and I've already got about 5 homework, a Religion project and a Spanish test. 
I, kinda like school, but getting used to it again, is so boring and it takes time. Well, hope you can get used to school again, cause I know I'm gonna need some help.

Happy new year 2012!
I'm so happy, this is a new year, full of new experiences and hopes!
I wish you all have a beautiful year and that all your dreams come true. 
I hope you learned from all the experiences that you had the last year, even if they were bad or good, so you can make this year even better!

You know, I remember the last year like if it was just yesterday. . . cause it was yesterday!

Time passes real fast, so enjoy this year as much as you can!

You better Jingle your bells, and wrap your presents cause it´s christmas time!
Christmas, the day we have been waiting for the whole year, is finally here!
But remember, that this day is not about the presents, it is about being happy, with your family, and in my case, cause I am catholic, knowing that this day, millions of years ago, baby Jesus was born. 

Now, please listen to this song, I first watched the video at Maria Camia's blog. .  And I loved it! Hope you like it to:
So. . . Did you like the video? Why did/didn't you like it?
About one yer ago I traveled to England with my school, it was really fun!
I had some problems speaking English, but I got over it. We stayed at Barnardiston Hall School and some at Ridlesworth. did you know that Lady Di studied at Riddlesworth...How cool is that?
But trust me, it is not as cool as staying at the castle were Harry Potter was filmed! The students that went with my school to England two years before I went, stayed there! That is so cool, but it must be very scary, I mean, all the dark halls and the bathrooms were the snake and ghost appear (In the Harry Potter movie).
Anyway, changing subject... I stayed at Barnardiston, It was very cool, people were really nice, and they sang like angels. At my room, slept three Colombian girls (counting me) and two English girls: Natasha and Shanon. Natasha loved Justin Bieber, she had a huge book just about him, and she always sang BABY. Shanon... she was crazy, instead of drinking juice from the cup, she drank directly from the jar, she made silly noises in the night and she began singing, It was really funny, but after a while I got stressed. On day in the night, more or less at 12:00 pm, the fire alarm sounded...It was horrible! We needed to line up in the cold night, and after a while, the headmaster told us that nothing was happening, that it was a mistake... can you believe it! It was horrible.

Have you ever visited England?
How was your trip like?

I wish you all a very happy Christmas
Okay,  I know Today is not the 24th of December... but this is Christmas Month, so enjoy it !!!
This year for Christmas I will get together with my whole family at my aunt's house, we are many people, about 40!!The Christmas tree is going to be filled with presents. I'm so exited!! I love Christmas, because I get to see all my family members, even the ones from other countries or cities. The only bad thing is that I can't be with my both parents at the same time because they are divorced. But anyway, I'm going to be with many people I love so.... I'll get over it.

I don't know what to ask for!!
So, tuning a new leave... what are you going to ask for? A bike? An i-pod? Beat headphones? What?
Well let me tell you that this year many of my family members asked me what I wanted for Christmas... and I simply don't know!!!I like many things, but I don't need anything else!
I've been thinking about asking for beats headphones, but I don't know what else to ask for. Help me!!!

I wish you all a very happy Christmas, filled with love, happiness, smiles and of course presents!

From: Google
My friends and I dressed up as kisses, the delicious Hershie chocolate. Which we thought was very creative and cool. Maybe in the picture below, you won't be able to see the words in the white thread, well it says kisses many times... Just like the chocolate does!
What did you and your friends dressed up like?

Sory guys but I can't show pictures of myself, so I covered our face