We were at the school bus, and my friends started to write silly things in their arms and faces, they did mustaches, and.... well crazy stuff. I love them very much!
If you don't believe me they did painted themselves and everything, then watch this pictures, they were singing too! Of course I modified the pictures, but it is because I can't show my or my friends faces, for internet safety issues!

I love my best friends a lot, they are the best! They always know how to chear me up, and make me feel better. They are very funny and kind... That's why I decided to write them this note:
From: Google
My friends and I dressed up as kisses, the delicious Hershie chocolate. Which we thought was very creative and cool. Maybe in the picture below, you won't be able to see the words in the white thread, well it says kisses many times... Just like the chocolate does!
What did you and your friends dressed up like?

Sory guys but I can't show pictures of myself, so I covered our face