International peace day was not long ago.
Why don't we remember it with a poem?
 Is pease and loaf?
No!! It’s peace and love
Remember this, is true
Now listen!

 Peace is a path to love
Love is a way of living
Living is enjoying time
Please remember this!

 Peace for each and every one
Peace for every little child
Peace is what we need
Now! Remember this!

 There's something we can do
That hasn't been done
We need to be heard
Please remember this!

 Just one moment of peace and love
Down there and above
Birds, mammals, vertebrates and all
We need to make peace
Be heard and more!

Burning down in flames
If my house was burning down in flames, I would probably grab my backpack and put my computer, cellphone, some clothes like a sweater, and underwear. I would take a blanket, and my savings. And because my hands are free I would carry my dog.

What would you take?