What's in right now? Well, it looks like tees and a jean. Many people wear them, specially with prints on the front. You just have to  make sure you rock it like these celebs!
There are from black to black and red to purple, a bunny or a skeleton, it doesn't matter, they are really cute!

vanessa hudgens

emma roberts

adam sanler

dakota fanning

kendall jenner

miley cyrus

Well, hello guys, I've got good news for you. Today it is all about weird fashion. Specifically shoes. Ok, this page called teen.com, has spotted many celebrities with really wird shoes, and I just want to share that with you too. 
Just take a look: (don't faint) 

Willow smith

What the @#%&$!  Are those heels or sneakers? I mean : what! This are wayy to weird and I don't know I'm just in shock, I seriously don't like them. But if she like them, it's her choice.

Katy perry

Ok I have to admit I wasn't very surprised with her because, you know her style is always, out of the ordinary...
But this shoes... This shoes, wow.... WEIRD>

ashley Tisdale

Ok, first of all, these are way to high, plus they look really uncomfortable. I honestly don't like the color, or the platform, and anyway, how long did it take her to lace them up! I mean, they are not like converse, just a few wholes, nooo I bet there are at leas 20 in each side!

taylor momsen

Ok, I'm really speechless...
First of all, because I don't know who she is and second of all... What are those shoes!

Lucy hale

Ok, I have to admit I like these, they are weird YES. But they are cool, I mean... They are high-heels without heels. They look amazing on her.

Nicki Minaj

Well, what is weird is: kind of the second floor"y" thing effect, I mean they look like shoes on top of other shoes. But f they didn't have that thing, I would actually like them. 


Ok, Rihanna, sweetie what is this? I mean, you look like you had a really long spider tied around your legs ... And it wasn't even a cute spider. Sorry, just my opinion.

LAdy gaga

Ok, are these like, vases she's got on her feet? What is that?
I don't know, but whatever they are, they must really be  unconfortable, it must be like walking in slits.

Which ones do you, like the most or at least hate the less?
Which ones do you hate the most?

Hi guys, well, this days my blog is going to focus a little bit on FASHION, allright. Today I just wanted to show you some celebrity style!

the 50's

Bruno Mars showed up at the grammy Awards showing a complete 50's style. And Ariana Grande at the Halo awards looked like The pink lady. Totally from the 50's.

the 60's

They looked lovely in these pink dresses. Totally 60's glam, form their big eye and perfect skin to their dresses!
Zooey Deschanel and Michelle Williams 

the 70's

Vanessa Hudgens and Nicole Richie, showed a 70's style, with their long wavy hair, draped layers and fringe. 

the 80's

Katy Perry showed up at the MTV ema awards, looking as a total 80's chic and Justin Bieber looked like an 80's guy at the BET awards. When we think of fun and colorful, their style always comes to mind.

the 90's

Whether its ripped tights, high-waisted denim or studded jackets, these two ladies really love leather. Their wacky fun style is amazing, and this alt-rock 90's style is definitely part of it.
Hi guys, I just wanted to share with you some (Hideous) dresses from the 2012 Grammy awards. I found them while I was looking for the KCA bes dresses, and I thought they were horrible, but of course, that is only my opinion. Ok, so first I want to show you some that I can tel are kid of costumes:

Please, help!
Just look at her shoes and her dress and the thing hangging from her ear!

Bye guys,remember to visit my blog every two days, you'll be able to see new posts.

I can see this are costumes of some kind, plus Lady Gaga and Nicky are kind of, you know crazy. So we could predict they'd wear something crazy. But, this next dress, is just....
Way to ugly, I'm really sorry, I don't want to make anybody feel bad, but just, please... take a look

2011 KCA favorites

My 2011 Kids Choise Awards favorite dresses were:
(they are not in order)

Miranda cosgrove

She wore a beautifull neon pink dress, with some black heels.
In 2011 she won the "Favorite T.V Show" globe for the Nickelodeons show iCarly.

Victoria justice

She wore a beautifull,blue mini-dress, with yellow, white and other colored sparkles. Unfortunately, on the 2011 KCA, she didn't win any globe, let's see if this year she does...

Miley cyrus

She wore a long flowered dress with sand/neutral/light colors. She won a globe for "Favorite movie actress".

Anna sophia robb

She wore a short, loose dress with an indian kind of pattern. She looked beautiful, the light colors go great with her.

selena gomez

She wore white shorts, with a beautiful short beige shirt. She also wore beautiful light blue high-hills. In the KCA she won the "Favorite T.V actress" globe. Congratulations!


She impressed everyone with her short, black with pieces of color dress, made of LEGO!
She looked amazing, plus, it was really creative.
She and the Black Eyed Peas won the "Favorite Music Group" globe.


Which is your favorite?
Congratulations to Meryl Streep
In the Academy Awards of 2012, Meryl Streep got her third Award for Best actress in leading role!
Glenn close, Viola Davis, Rooney Mara, Meryl Streep and Michelle williams were nominated, but only Meryl won.
this is her third award for best actress, wich is close to the record of 4 awards. She is a great actress and she won this recognition because of her role in the movie The Iron Lady.

Jean Dujardin won the tittle for best actor!
The nominees were Demián Bichir, Brad Pitt, Gary Oldman, George Clooney and Jean Dujardin. But of course as you already know Jean won, because of his role in the movie The Artist.

The red carpet

Magazines, newspapers, blogs and mainly people say this are the most beautiful and elegant dresses and jewelry of the red carpet. 
Well, I kept the same people but I change a little bit the order, take a look at my oppinion:
#1 Maria Menounos
#5 Milla Jovovich
#9 Esperanza Spalding
#2 Cameron Diaz
#6 Natalie Portman
#10 Octavia Spencer
#3 Kristen Wiig
#7 Gwyneth Paltrow
#11 Berenice Bejo
#4 Penelope Cruz
#8 Rooney Mara
#12 Penelope Ann-Miller
How do you think the order should be?