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Kids choise awards!

So remember, you could be the one walking down the orange carpet.
So, go, participate, play and vote for the best!

Have fun!
On the 31st of March!
There will be lots of stars, swager and SLIME!
So, you better start voting for your favorites,  just go to the KCA page and vote. you can also play some really cool games, take some quizes and participate to win 4 tickets to the KCA, with airplane ticket, hotel and expenses included!
 Plus, you can walk down the orange carpet with Victoria Justice!
I  was searching for pictures for my post abut Calima, and I found a picture af a really weird way of skiing.
I've seen many different options, which I think are cool and possible, like this ones: 
But this one is very weird, I mean, how is he even going to reach the speed he needs to stay on top of the water. To me it is kind of  impossible, but now that I see this picture, I wonder, is it possible? 

What do you think? 
Isn't it weird?

Messi won the ballon D’or  three years in a row! 

If he gets anotherone he will beat the world record! 

Right know the record is held by Michel Platini who won the ballon dór for three consecutive years in 1983, 1984 and 1985. And Messi, who won in 2009, 2010, and 2011, let’s see if he can win again in 2012.

If you want more information about 2011 ballon D'or, go  to: http://www.fifa.com/ballondor/playeroftheyear/index.html

I saw this really cool movie, which is called The Devil Wears Prada, it is really cool.
It is about a woman called Andrea that wants to be a journalist, but she started her career as the assistant of the greatest fashion icon. Andrea wore horrible clothes, and her boss was like totally stylish, so what actually happens, is that Andrea goes through a big transformation, she becomes stylish and her clothes are amazing.

Anyway, I don't really understand the name of the movie, cause Andrea is the one that starts to wear Prada, but she is not actually a Devil, she is  nice to people... or maybe it is refering to her boss, because her boss do is bad..... I don't know, I'm confused and don't really get the name.
Do you understand the name? 

Do you know the international pop-star Shakira's story?
Well I do, and I think it is impressive how she got to be famous.
She was pretty poor, but she had a passion for singing and dancing. The kids at her school told her she didn´t know how to sing, and she was never elected to be in the choir.
when she grew up, she went to a record studio to show her talent and "become famous", but she was rejected. The musicians and producers told her she had zero talent and that she didn´t  belong in the music world... But she never gave up, she followed her dreams and kept practicing. And now.. she is recognized and admired around the whole world!
She is the first Colombian to get a star in the Hollywood walk of fame.

Who do you admire?
Why is that?

Well today I'm not posting pictures, but videos.
These are my favorite music videos
  • Mi amor By Matt Hunter, which you can see in my previous posts
  • Riding solo By Jason Derulo, which you can also see in my previews posts
  • Price Tag By Jessie J
Which is your favorite video?
Why do you like it so much?

Guys!! you have got to watch the most recent Selena Gomez's movie! It's really cool and funny, there are some parts in which you seriously need and stop to catch your breath! It is called Montecarlo:
Have you watch it already?
What do you think of it?

This are one of my favorite songs, I like them a lot, I think they have a very cool rhythm, which I think is great because I love dancing.
Do you like it too?

He is a very young and talented kid...
Check it out
A lot of people from my school (Specially girls) are watching this video, because he is a really good singer, and because the girl that appears in the video, goes to our school.
What are you watching at the moment ?
And is there anybody in your school that has done something  like this?