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(this post is not as long as it seems, it's fats to read)

For the ones who haven't watched this show.. It is basically about 2 brothers, which were in-love with Katherine, a vampire, which turned them into vampires too and then "died". Stefan Salvatore went back to his old town, after many many years, and fell in love with Elen, which is a dead ringer for Katherine. Damon Salvatore, is secretly in-love with her to.. but Elena is into Stefan.... or so it seems....
Elena's parents died in a car accident and she lives with her aunt. Her best friend (Bony) is a witch, and she is helping the vampires with a big situation they've got. Which I can;t explain (too confusingly long).

Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) heart has been tipping dramatically in Stefan’s (Paul Wesley) favor during the past season, but it's confirmed exclusively to HollywoodLife.com that Elena and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) will share a “romantic" scene on the April 19 episode, “Heart of Darkness.” And not like in the past, this is real... No tricks, no Katherine, no dreams...

Damon and Elena’s moment will make things even more tense between the Salvatore brothers. which really makes sense, because the executive producer Julie Plec said that the love triangle will have twist by the end of the season.

Ok, I know this most might have been a little too long...  But I just love this show!
Well, helo guys. I am so exited, I finished watching PLL's second season, about 2 months ago,  and I loved it, even more than the first one, it has much more drama, secrets, characters, Garret was arrested and what is best, we now know who -A is (Mona), but it seems like there is an -A group. 
In the last chapter you can se when Mona reveals it in her thoughts: 

It's a fact!

There are two different "A's", one is -A and another one is --A. 
A friend told be that in the book, Alison is -A, because she had a twin sister which pretended to be her, and sent her to a mad school, and as soon as she was free she killed her twin sister.  And from what I know, for sure... Mona is the 2nd A.


This T.V show has a very amazing fashion style. Every character, well,  the main ones have like their own taste or style. They put som many things together that, well you would never think they'd look great, but they really pull it off.

Spencer, is like a really, simple but sort of chick, like gossip girl style. She does a lot of knee high socks and boots, which look totally cute on her. She wears many cardigans and polos. 

Aria, has a unique style, it is kind of goth, but has a lot of life at the same time. She wears many socks, black socks actually and well, she wears like many layers, kind of, but they look amazing on her.

Emily, has a sporty like style, she is very simple, and does a lot of t-shirts, cardigans, mini-skirts or shorts. Her shoes are basically sneakers or some sandales too. 

Hanna, she is like the fashionista of the group, she always has the latest trends, like the hottest purses or shoes. She and her friend Mona are like totally into shopping, and they have a great fashion sense.
I found this videos on Youtbe, where you can really see how easy to spot yet really tricky fashion you can find in PLL.

Even the stars mentioned in an interview, that their stylist lays out some outfits that they would never think look right, but when the time comes to wear them, they amaze everyone.
Hollywood favorite's celebrities have been seen around a lot. They definitely love each other, but some of them show it more than others...
They are talented and beautiful, so the form the most envied relationships.

They've been together for a year or so, and they look deeply in love.
They know each other very well, and consider their relationship as well as a couple, friendship (best friends). 

What he likes about her:
He confirmed to Ellen, that what he likes more about Selena are her kissable cheeks.

What she likes about him:
She confessed that she likes Justin's eyes.

Many people think that Selena's love is not as intence as Justin's. He even got in a fight with his BF, because he said Selene was using him. But I see them, very in love

Well, the are really famous for the Twilight saga, in which they worked together. I guess it was easy for them because, they are totally in love.
At the beginning, Kristen wasn't so affectionate, but now she is totally relaxed nest to him.

What he likes about her:
He loves that she is so determined to stay true to herlsef. And that she takes everything seriously.

What she likes about him:
She likes his intelligence and capacity. He has a lot of willpower and common sense. And he doesn't mind loosing, if ti is to give me the reason. 

For many, they are the hottest couple, she is beautiful and he is hot (beautiful eyes) . Since 2010 they had a relationship, which was only confirmed  at the Much Music Awards in 2011. They work together in The vampire diaries, were they have a sort of hidden relationship.

What he likes about her:
She enjoys life, and appreciates everything hat happens around her. She is amazing, and he loves her.

What she likes about him:
He is a very optimist person and is always happy,his cup is half full, not half empty.
His beautiful eyes. 

They met, filmling the movie "The last song",  their love was known in 2010, she was a huge celebrity, and he was an unknown australian actor. Now they share a life of, fame, fortune, happiness and love. He is the star of The Hunger Games

What he likes about her:
When she it bitting a hamburger, and theres a bit of sauce i  her chin. He thinks it is very sexy. 

What she likes about him:
She thinks he is perfect, because he always listens to her. and is by her side, plus he is always available when she most needs him.

Which celebrities do you think are made for one another?
Who do you think will last the most?

Well, hello guys, these are some pictures I found at teen.com, they use them to say how celebrities will be in the future. But I just have to say they are like sibblings that were separated when they were young. I mean, they are really similar. 

Lea michele - Penelope cruz

It looks like our Glee star has a lots sister, which is older than her (obviously), but really similar. Just look at their eyes, their mouths and OMG their noses!
They are ident!

Liam payne - david Beckham

Ok maybe they aren't so similar, but trust when Liam grows, they will be like clones! Think about it, they have the same dreamy brown eyes and plain small smile, plus their hair color is similar. David could be his father! (Just kidding) 

zayn malik - enrrique iglesias

You can't deny it, they are ident! if someone told you so, you'd be like: NO WAY!

But when you put them side by side... OMG twins! It's good to know Zayn isn't the only exotic-looking hottie out there. Plus, they both sing!

who wowed you the most? 

Hi everyone,

Ok I just finished reading this book, one week ago, and I have to say I am really exited. It is the longest book I've ever read! I may sound stupid, but what happens is I don't really enjoy reading, but this book... OMG I loved it, I read it in about 3 days, it is great trust me. 

The story is set in the future, in a country called Panem, which rose from North America's ashes . All the rich people live in the main city called the Capitol, having an easy and joyful life. And the rest of the land is divided into 13 districts, which make everything the Capitol needs. But when all the districts revealed against the capitol, they had no chance and district 13 was obliterated. With only 12 districts left the Capitol created The Hunger Games, to remind all the districts what they are capable of doing and that they are at their mercy. So each year one boy and one girl from each district are chosen at random. Then they are left in an arena and left to fight to death, and survive in their own, and all of it is televised as a reality show for the Capitol. The last person alive wins, and their only hope of recourses are the sponsors. Seventy four years later, Katniss Everdeen's sister, Prim got picked, and Katniss volunteered to take her place, and went to fight in the hunger games together with Peeta Mellark, a boy who helped her and gave her food many years ago. What she didin't know, was that he was totally in love with her, and they had to fight to death....  there are 24 contestants, and only one can come out...

What's in right now? Well, it looks like tees and a jean. Many people wear them, specially with prints on the front. You just have to  make sure you rock it like these celebs!
There are from black to black and red to purple, a bunny or a skeleton, it doesn't matter, they are really cute!

vanessa hudgens

emma roberts

adam sanler

dakota fanning

kendall jenner

miley cyrus

Selena Gomez just launched a new fragrance. For it, she tasted many smells, and designs and had a very beautiful fotoshoot in purple water. At the end, she chose some options for each face of the perfume's smell, and the fans voted for the ones they preferred, and the final results were: 

As I said already, she had a fotoshoot just for this fragrance, take a look at it.

And after, I'm guessing many ideas, pictures or/and drawings of how it would look like, they came up with this:
Well, hello guys, I have been doing some trend spotting and I think...
The following "Woman" look amazing in this clothes, and it looks like this top/high-waisted skirts are what's IN right now. I'm not making this up, our role models themselves wore them to the KCA and Hunger Games premiere. I think the 3 of them look amazing in their own, specific way...
Now, the question is, who wore it better?

Selena looked amazing as always in the Orange carpet. I really like how light colors look on her. And she followed the same pattern in her clothes as in last year's KCA, which is basically to use a neutral  color in her clothes and some bright color hills to add some glow to the outfit, Which I love.

Katy, well, I really like the green color, I would never wear it myself, but she looks amazing. The design, pattern and color matches perfectly her wacky fun style! And I just have to highlight the fat that I thought her blu heir was going to wear off fast, but it looks like she likes it, and we may be seing it a while longer.

Miley, looked really nice, well as a matter or fact, she is really pretty. I just think she looked sort of goth with that black top/high-waisted skirt, but her big smile make everything better. But she really made har presence clear at The Hunger Games premiere.
The 2012 KCA were two nights ago, and many stars showed up. there were lot's of slime, glam and swagger. I personally love this awards, because well, they are the same as many others, but this are of teens/kids. 
Many stars got Blimps, let's see who they were:


The victorious cast won for favorite TV Show!
They were really exited, just look at their faces. I personally voted for them once, or twise, but I also voted for the others. 
(I voted for someone different almost everyday)

Jake short

He won a blimp for Favorite TV actor, for his role as Fletcherin ANT farm from Disney.
(I also voted for him, so I am really exited.)

Selena gomez

She won TWO blimps!
One for Favorite TV Actrees, which she won for her role as Alex in Wizards Of Waverly Place. And she won the second blimp for  Favorite Female Singer. I love her acting and her music, and I voted for her in both categories! (But I also voted for others as well)

Jannette Mccurdy

She won a Blimp for Favorite TV Sidekick, for her performance as Sam in iCarly!
She looked amazing, and happy,  but I think she was a little disapointed because iCarly had won The blimp for Favorite TV show for 3 years, but this year Victorius, got the Victory.

Adam sandler

He got the blimp for Favorite Movie actor for his role on Jack & Jill. He is known as Mr.Funnyman, and  I clearly know why...
He is very funny and spontanius .Congratulations Adam!

Kristen stewart

She won the blimp for Favorite Movie Actrees for her role in the Twilight saga.

Katy PErry

She didn`t win the blimp for what we would all think. (Music) But she did got one for favorite Voice form an Animated Movie. She did Smurfette`s voice. 

Taylor lautner

He got his blimp for Favorite Buttkicker, for his role as Jacob in the Twilight Saga.

Justin bieber

He won Two blimps as well as his girlfriend Selena. His first blimp was for favorite Male singer. And his second blimp was for Biggest Slime of the night. (As you can see in the picture at your right). Congratulations Justin, The first time you win a Blimp and you get 2!

Taylor swift

Besides being very talented and pretty, Taylor has a big heart. 
She helps people around the world. She got her blimp for the big help award, which she really deserved.  Congratulations to her!

If you want to know who the other winners are Click Here.