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Well, I'm back... and guess what?
I'm back with a BOMB!!

This extremely famous teenagers have always been kind of compared to each other. 
You know... they are both singers, Disney actresses, their shows where close to each other in fame, and they both dated Nick Jonas. Well, they've got a big knot of history together, saying they where bff's, then enemies, in general, frenemies. I honestly know nothing about them, but of course, I do think they have to compete somehow, and it looks like they are 
competing, and it looks like Selena is winning.
Adam Sandler is starring in a new animated movie called "Hotel Translyvania" which is about Dracula. Adam will be the voice of Dracula, and he had been speaking to Miley for the role of Dracula's daughter. Well, Adam's agent  confirmed that the role went to Selena.
Do you think Miley quit the role? or was it the producer's idea?

So, who do you like better? Selena or Miley?
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Lindsay Lohan says she'll make people quiet with critics, with her professionalism on set, but her onstage actions, are doing the exact opposite. 
On Wednesday, she was supposed to film/practice her guest appearance on Glee, well, she arrived three hours late to the set, and when she did show up, she wasn't exactly cotton candy.

Want to know what she did the night before? PARTY . Plus she was so late that, they had to send a car to the Chateau Marmont to pick her up. 

On set, she was a total nightmare, she just didn't want to be there. She did not want to work. She had not memorized her lines, and she kept disappearing so no one could find her.

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horrible makeunders

First of all, I want to explain what a make-under is... You know makeup right? Well it is exactly the opposite from it. We’re used to see celebrities really glamorous, with makeup, blown out hair, basically anything else that someone can do to look better. As well as the can look great, they also dress down, for acting roles, or personal breakdowns. And these celebrities are a clear example of what I'm saying...

Gaga’s waky style is totally the opposite form this make-under she had for hee video You and I. Greasy hair, a snarl and a shirt that’s probably sweat-stained. It's totally underwhelming compared to her  10-inch heels and spacey headwear. 

2007 was a tough year for Britney Spears... she shaved her head, hit some cars with an umbrella, and.. oh yeah... went a little crazy! Thanks god she’s back to being her lovely self again, skinny, shinny hair and all.

Normally, Katy is... let's just say rainbow like, color hair, crazy colorful clothes... but as a prison attendant on Raising Hope, she looks... let's just say awful. 

Well, this transformation shocked me, for many reasons. For first, she is usually with clean hair. As second, I can say she is a fashionist and well, the picture on the right, shows totally the opposite. And as last, I'm used to seeing Vanessa with eyes that don’t look dead. She doesn't really fit as a troubled teen in Gimme Shelter.


Am I the only one who senses that there’s a little trouble for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez? I hope it's just my imagination, but from what I've seen, Selena may be wanting to move on from JB. Here's why:

1. She can choose from others.. Will she?

 I heard that Niall Horan from One Direction made a huge play for her, to give her his number and ask her out, right in front of Justin! And what's even worst, is that Selena didn’t seem to mind…

2. Is she not proud of being with him?

Selena isn't very public about her love with Justin, but I heard her tell Ryan Seacrest that being forced to kiss JB at a recent Lakers game was “humiliating” and one of the worst moments of her life. Could this harmless little comment be just that? Or could it mean something else?

3Does she really like swag? And scandal?

Selena seriously hates scandal, and she didn't really want their love to go public... She is expanding into movies and more grown-up songs, I think she is getting annoyed over Justin’s “immature” look and behavior.Maybe “Swag life” is so not her style, maybe she's just looking for a manlier man.

so.. what do you guys think...
are sparks still flying for this couple?
Will they last forever? 
Will Selena get more roses? or is it the end for this beautiful couple?





Breaking news

 The trailer for her new flick, LOL –  starring Ashley GreeneDemi MooreDouglas Booth and Miley Cyrus,  just hit the Internet, about a week ago, and Miley’s character is in the spotlight.

Based on the trailer, you can see there'll be lots of drama, a messy break-up, a nagging parent,  frenemies, boy crushes, best friends and, well, social media. (Teenage life)

There's also this Love triangle, which seems to be getting famous cause I've seen it, in many shows lately. As in, The Hunger games, with Peeta, Katniss and Gale, The vampire diaries, Elena, Stefan and Damon, MEan girls, Regina, Cady and Aaron, and at Glee too, Quinn, Finn and Rachel.

Of course you all know about justin Bieber's new single, what you don;t know is that the video is with a Selena Gomez's look-alike... I would have liked for Selena to be in the video with him, I mean, after all, they wouldn't have to pretend. But anyway, his video is going to be released next week, I guess right now will have to stick to the 45 seconds video.

Nicki Minah

Sooo... Nicki, or may I say Onika Tanya Marah! Yeah, she changed her name, a lot, but I have to admit, I like it way better. And It's easier to remember.

shay mitchell

This pretty little liar, shortened her name from Shannon Ashley Mitchell to Shay. Didn't change it much, but shortened it. And again, I like it better


Robyn Rihanna Fenty, changed her name to Rihanna when she became famous, which I thought was totally invented, but no, she just took away the forst and last parts.

David Guetta

Do you guys know where David is form? Well, if you don;'t, his real name will give you a hint: Pierre David Guetta. Of course... he is French.

Demi Lovato

This doesn't have much science, she just shortened Demetria Devonne Lovato.

Lucy Hale

Ok first I just have to say I love her!! She is my favorite PLL. Her name is Karen Lucille Hale, she just goes for her middle name.


Aubrey Drake Graham, wow Long!

lady gaga

Ms.Gaga, is just a nice way of sayin: Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.

Katy perry

She was a Christian singer who went by Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, but there was another singer with a similar name, so she changed hers to Katy Perry.

Miley Cyrus

Her real name is Destiny Hope Cyrus, and she got the nickname "Miley" because she was "smiley." And when she became famous, she changed her name to Miley.

Which changed name is the best?
Who changed it the most?


Paul Wesley, from The Vampire Diaries, had some bad luck in his plane. 

It got struck by lighting. He thought he was going to die. Next to him was his wife Torrey DeVitto, and when he turned around, a very known face was behind him... who will it be... I'm gonna let the video do the talking.
He also Twitted it! Can you imagine how scared he was! Plus, what a coincidence, it was FriDAY 13th.

The Coachella Music Festival was this weekend in Indio, California, and some of Hollywood's biggest celebs showed up! They left their high fashion behind and instead went for comfortable, perfect for walking and having fun, talking and looking amazing around the festival grounds. Their dressed-down style perfectly matched the event's carefree hippie vibe!

Many trends were spotted on the festival fairgrounds include 70's patterns, loads of stipes and funky hats (Really cute!). The celebrities which were spotted thew most, were Lindsay LohanVanessa HudgensEmma RobertsIan Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev, FergieParis Hilton and many more!

Lindsay Lohan

She made the BARE LEAGS category. At the coachela, many celebs were bare lags, and she was one of them, with this beautiful lace mini-dress.

Emma Watson

Hats, Hats and More hats....
Many stars wore hats, it's understandable due to the hot sun! Emma wore a brown hat, with a beautifull tiger print mini. 

Katy Perry

She made the flower pattern categorie!  With this mini dress, ripped pantyhose and  big dark boots. 
And by the way, she went from blue to purple hair!

Nina and Ian

Ian made the hats hats and more hats categorie... Nina made the  long loose skirt/dress category. It's my favorite. Plus, Ian was by her side.. Even better! Cute couple.

Vanessa Hudgens

She made 4 categories! Wow that's the record of the day!
1. Bare legs, with this jean shorts, and kind of hippie outfit. 
2. Hats, hats and more hats, with this orangy brown hat! Which looked amazing on her
3. Crazy pattern, with her black and white mini, loose dress.
4. Flower pattern categorie with her short no-sleved shirt


She made the Hats coterie and long loose skirt/dress categorie!
I personally don;t like her outfit, too many loose layers. Plus I didn't like the cowboy cardigan, and boots.

Paris Hilton

She made two categories as well, the Crazy pattern and long losse blablabla....\
Both for her beautiful, irregular striped, long, colorful skirt. 
Way to go Paris!

Emma Roberts

She is in a tie with Vanessa! Four categories! Wow!
  • The first one goes to her hat of course in the categorie Hats, Hats and more Hats
  • The next one is for her black and white pats... crazy pattern categorie.
  • Now let's move on to the second picture... This one goes for her short: BARE LEGS!
  • And another one to her shorts: Flower patterns!

The same exact categories V won!